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About this mod

With permission from the original author, I bring you the SLE Helmet Overlays mod to SSE!

This brings displays hud overlay art for any equipped head gear created by scrivener07 with blurred overlay textures created by megapolom.

Permissions and credits
SLE version here!
Overlay Textures here!
NOTE: The original authors are not involved in this so please do not bother them with request or unnecessary questions.

07/01/23 - I am looking for someone to take over this mod and make it their own and better!

Untested on anything higher than 1.5.7. Check comments for further feedback.

Helmet Overlays
Displays hud overlay art for any equipped head gear. Inspired by Helmet FOV and Helmet POV.
If you want to contribute and create additional overlays click here [create your own].


Helmet Overlays - Improved 1st person Experience
[Blurred verison]

This mod adds overlay textures for Helmet overlays mod made by scrivener07.
Textures are part manipulated photo textures, part hand painted.
All vanilla and DLC helmets are covered.

Why? Because it makes things interesting. When playing try not to take on more than 4 enemies, because it will get harder than in vanilla. MUCH harder. I suggest using combat mods like Duel and something like Weapons and Armors Attributes just to make you choose armour type on more than just armour rating. And remember, just because you are armoured up, it doesn't mean that will make things easier.

-motion animations
-reactive lighting
-configuration settings for transparency, sizing and lighting
-download or create your own overlay textures

-overlay texture pack

-Immersive Armors [Included]
-Unique Dragon Priest Mask [Included]
-Dragon Carved Armour [Included]
-Compatible with different resolutions, simply edit the size under the MCM.


-Extract the files into your data folder and activate the esp.
-Download and install an overlay texture pack.
-The source is in the docs folder.

-Not all helmets and hoods have overlays. This is were I hope the community will contribute by creating some.
-Take it as is.

-megapolom special thanks for the MCM splash

Credits and Acknowledgements
-SkyUI Team, MCM and Widget Frameworks
-PsychoSteve, Art Asset Resources
-Mofakin, HUD Widget Tutorial
-MrJack, Sublime Papyrus
-XMarksTheSpot, Helmet FOV 
-schlangster, Helmet POV
--megapolom, Helmet Overlays Textures

You can find additional information on scriverner07's website.
p.s. You can also tell me my mod sucks in the comments. You will not be "moderated", actual feedback is important.

All credit to the original authors of the mod and textures!