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livtempleton's Mashup Tribe Dresses now in CBBE BodySlide version. With permission from the original author.

Permissions and credits

Thank you livtempleton for giving me permission to convert the outfit to CBBE BodySlide version and change the outfit name.

SkyrimMashup Tribe Dresses UNP 2.0

 our mods will always be free

===Guide to convert outfits to SSE CBBE BodySlide===
now updated to version 2.1

This is, as already mentioned above, the CBBE BodySlide version of the outfit.

This mod adds three new outfits (also added a fourth style using existing resources so all four of the main Vvardenfell tribes were covered) with variants in red, black, blue, green, yellow and purple.
It also includes two hoods in six colours, a set of boots and gloves that come in dark or light, as well as a recipe that allows you to make linen wraps from tundra cotton or wheat.
All are craftable at the tanning rack and all items come in clothing or light armour (classified as 'hide').
These dresses are crafted from linen wraps, tundra cotton, and flowers, so do not require any leather or pelts - great for pacifist/nature-friendly players!

How to get (copy paste from original mod)
To prevent clutter in the crafting menu, you'll need to get a copy of "Natural Dyes" - a book that can be crafted at the tanning rack with a roll of paper.
This will let you craft the blue, black, green, yellow and purple (Kyne) versions of the dresses.
Can't be bothered? The easiest way to get the items through console commands: Help "(blue)"
should bring up your list of options for all the Blue dress and hood variations. Other keywords include Tribe, (Dark), (Kyne), etc. Locate the item you want then player.additem [code] 1

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
BodySlide and Outfit Studio 

Manual: Put the .esp, meshes, and textures in Data folder, and anything with 'Ashlander Apparel' in Data/CalienteTools/BodySlide/ShapeData, /SliderGroups and /SliderSets.
Wrye Bash/Vortex/MO2: Just install as usual.

Manual: Delete the .esp, meshes, and textures from Data folder, and anything with 'Ashlander Apparel' from Data/CalienteTools/BodySlide/ShapeData, /SliderGroups and /SliderSets.
Wrye Bash/Vortex/MO2: Just uninstall as usual.

Q1: Location where I can get the armor/outfit?
A: See description or use AddItemMenu, or use console command.

Q2Skyrim Legendary Edition (Oldrim)/Non-CBBE body/HDT-SMP/belly node?
A: No.

Q3: Can you convert this xxx armor/outfit?
A: Feel free to send me PM for the request. However, I will do it ONLY if I like the suggested mod AND if I have time to do so. Also:
- not excessively skimpy (e.g. bikini mods)
- not kinky
- not having extra long skirt (because I'm too lazy unless I really like them)
- the original author is still active, or the mod has open permission
- it won't require several permissions from different authors
- I need to remind you that I have no obligation to comply to your request(s)

Quick Guide for newbies


Update Log
25-04-20: initial release.

livtempleton (as the original author).
killerkeo for the undies mesh.
Jeir for sculpting to base body, BodySlide sliders (incl. manual editing), new outfit style, edited plugin, and WordArt.
docteure (myself) for bone weight (incl. manual editing), edited plugin, and quality control.
ousniusJeirCaliente (CBBE team).
holyrune21Kuro89, MithosSWEMochiderapinhead332starkhark, and QueenAwesomeUniverseRuler for screenshots.

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