Unique Uniques SE by InsanitySorrow
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Added: 07/11/2016 - 05:19PM
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Last updated at 0:30, 9 Dec 2016 Uploaded at 17:19, 7 Nov 2016

This is a conversion of InsanitySorrow's Unique Uniques updated so everything plays nice with Skyrim Special Edition.

                                                           for Skyrim SE

All credit for this mod goes to InsanitySorrow.  Please leave him an endorsement on his original mod page if you like his work!

Original Mod:

This mod replaces the models and textures for the following Unique Items:

Angi's Bow
Bolar's Oathblade
Kahvozein's Fang
Pale Blade
Red Eagle's Bane/Fury
The Longhammer
Valdr's Lucky Dagger
Shield of Solitude

Optional:  Scoped Angi's Bow

There are a few alternate textures available in his original file, and they work just fine in SE if you want them.  Go download it and throw him an endorsement if you want them!  The only alternate I'll be posting here is the Scoped Angi's Bow, since that one is a mesh and needs the conversion for SE.

Installation: Drop in your Data folder. BAIN compatible.  I don't use NMM, but it should work with that, too.

For all of you converting mods to SE, please respect the original author's wishes!