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Adds variety to Hold Guard armors by changing the gauntlets and boots based on the Hold.

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Adds variety to Hold Guard armors by changing the gauntlets and boots based on the Hold.


Ever thought it odd that Solitude guards would wear Imperial Gauntlets, while the rest of Skyrim's guards have to deal with mere fur? Ever wanted to see some variety in the Guard armor types without resorting to lore-breaking new meshes or awkward armor mashups? Then this is the mod for you!

The outfits of the guards of eight holds have been changed as follows:
Whiterun -> Nordic Steel Gauntlets and Boots
Windhelm -> Ancient Nord Gauntlets and Boots
Riften -> Leather Gauntlets and Boots
Winterhold -> Scaled Gauntlets and Boots
Markarth -> Dwarven Gauntlets and Boots OR Steel Plate Armor and Boots (Optional as of 1.4 Update)
Dawnstar -> Fur Gloves (no changes to boots)
Falkreath -> Iron Gauntlets and Boots
Morthal -> Hide Gauntlets and Boots

No changes have been made to Stormcloak Soldiers; they still get the basic fur gloves and boots.


Should be compatible with any mod that doesn't alter the default guard outfits. This mod does conflict with the popular mod Cutting Room Floor; if you want a compatibility patch, DEEJMASTER333 has made one here.


Version History:
Version 1.4: Optional update that changes the Markarth Guard armor from Dwarven to Steel Plate. Still flagged as an .esl.
Version 1.3:
Flagged .esp as an .esl file, so now this mod will take up no space in your load order. Also forwarded a change from the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, so now the mods are fully compatible. Thanks to DEEJMASTER333 for pointing out the conflict!
Version 1.2: Initial release.


Bethesda Game Studios
The Bethesda Modding Community

Screenshots taken using the mods Improved Open Face Helmets and Super Sleeves of Skyrim.