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Adds map markers to several unmarked locations in Solstheim. Also adds several new locations to the map as well.

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Better Solstheim Locations adds map markers to several unmarked locations throughout Solstheim. It also adds a few hunting & fishing camps in order to give the Skaal more of a presence on the island.


Vanilla locations given a marker:

 - Ash Hopper Island
 - Ash field near Tel Mithryn (Gandrung Ashfield)
 - Dark Elf Camp (Dunmer Camp)
 - Fahlbtharz Lift
 - Fishing Camp (Abandoned Fishing Camp)
 - Giant Nirnroot Island (Gronnringar Island)
 - Horker Dragon Mound (
 - Isinfier Dragon Mound
 - Lake near Thirsk (Lake Fjalding)
 - Miner Camp (Unlucky Miner's Camp)
 - Reaver Camp
 - Reaver's End
 - Riekling Island
 - Shrine of Kynareth
 - Shrine of Zenithar
 - Usha's Camp (Usha's Claim)

Most of these locations are listed at

A few of these weren't named, so I gave them lore-friendly names. The mod also adds a few Skaal camps in order to give them more of a presence on the island. Fishing camps are located along the coasts, hunting camps are inland. No NPCs are added currently, but I hope to do that in the future.

I also corrected a few minor issues at the vanilla locations, such as floating trees on 'Giant Nirnroot Island'.

1. Go to mod's page on the Nexus.
2. Click the "Vortex" button on the main page at top right, or on the File tab, click "Mod Manager Install".
3. Once the mod has downloaded to Vortex, enable it to activate the mod
4. On the installer, select which mod options you'd like to install
5. Finish installer to activate mod

1. Extract this archive to any folder.
2. Copy "BetterSolstheimLocations.esp" to your Skyrim SE\Data folder.
3. Launch Skyrim Special Edition and click on "Mods" from the main menu
4. Choose mod to activate it

1. Start Vortex and deactivate, then uninstall the mod.

1. Delete the file "Data\BetterSolstheimLocations.esp"

"Better Solstheim Locations" should be compatible with most other mods, but any mod that modifies or uses the same locations on Solstheim may cause a conflict. I'll list incompatible mods as I learn about them:

 - Atlas Map Markers by Krjavascript-event-stripped=================================
Known Issues:
- No known issues at this time.

Recommended Mods:
For a more well-rounded Solstheim experience, I recommend using the following mods. None of them are requirements - they're just the ones I use myself to enhance the overall atmosphere of the island & its inhabitants.

 - Cannibal Draugr on Solstheim by opusGlass
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 - Greater Skaal Village by YsCordelan
 - Raven Rock Enhanced by ImmotalIce
 - Simple Raven Rock Expansion by YsCordelan
 - Solstheim Lighthouse by fadingsignal

Omegacron on the Nexus Forums

All of the work in "Better Solstheim Locations" is my own.