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In general definition, a spectre is a ghostly entity designed to perform a particular function, of its own accord or against its will, forced by a higher power. Guardian spectres guard certain locations or people, and are commonly embedded in tremendous elemental magical power, attached to them by those who gave them their functions.

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In general definition, a spectre is a ghostly entity designed to perform a particular function, of its
own accord or against its will, forced by a higher power. Guardian spectres then are by definition
ghosts that guard certain locations, artifacts or people, because they wanted to do that in life, or
because they were chained to that function, due to punition or simply as victims of evil mages.
Naturally because it involves the contact with the dead, and even their subjugation in some cases,
the use of guardian specters is often viewed with suspicion, and often mingles with necromancy.

Many kinds of spectres do exist, and the list includes from Penitents to Dwemer Spectres, also Bonelords and Ancestor Ghosts, or some Rotten Maidens, and many of them are or will be part of other mods of my collection, but this particular add-on implements the following guardian spectres:

(all them here are unique bosses and do not do respawn, instead you can loot the spelltomes from their remains to use the powers to summon each one, 1 time per day. An important last note is that when summoned they act as area enemies, they do not move from the location where they were summoned, so you should use them in close combat)


When Winterhold's collapse occurred, nearly the entire school managed to stay intact except for a
small tower that fell to the icy beach below and over time was partially buried in snow.
A convenant of cryomancers has made it their hideout and has been practicing the arcane arts of ice control here ever since. 
One of its greatest creations was the Chilling Spectre which guards the inner dwellings.
It belongs to the kind of spectres that were created against their own will. Usually in these cases it is not a ghost, but a wraith (a soul that has long since lost its purpose, self-identity and sanity), that was used as base, since they're much easier to control and subvert, due to their lack of personality. The arcane and necromancer process, with touches of cryomancy, involves not only embedding the wraith in absurdly powerful powers, but also the complete removing of any remnants of individuality and personality that may still exist in the deepest areas of the undead's mind. This kind of spectre has lost all will and reasoning, being simply an empty husk, almost a golem, animated by a soul yes (his own soul), but with no sense of self.

Besides the frost attacks, Chilling Spectres in combat can also use powerful Silence spells, embedded in their own magic element, and summon enthralled wraiths, also wrapped in the same magic element as them. 


A vigilant ancestor is usually a ghost still retaining his sanity who choose, usually still in life, to devote his eternity protecting a particular location, almost allways a clan tomb. After death your spirit goes through an arcane process in which he is imbued with powerful magic and becomes a formidable guardian, in addition to maintaining his reasoning and decision-making abilities.
Due to the routes used, close to what the dunmer for example called the Holy Necromancy, vigilant ancestors tend to be a little less powerful than their more irrational and dark counterparts, such as a Chilling Spectre, that are just a husk for arcane black powers. Contrary to the type of spectres cited above, a Vigilant Ancestor is unable to summon and control enthralled wraiths due to their shadowy nature, instead he simply summons the reminiscences of those for whom he sacrificed his existente to ensure their eternal rest. Nevertheless, Vigilant Ancestors are not easily removed from their duties, or persuaded to act in any way beyond their simple function, which is to protect their tombs from intruders.
The Gallows Rock Silver-Hand had been continually having the dead bodies of their deceased unearthed and desecrated and often devoured by werewolves in retaliation. Driven by hatred and pain, they led an extermination of these packs, led by a prominent warrior and his brother, a prominent arcane knower. The remaining bodies were moved by a partially destroyed small dungeon to the east of Gallows Rock, which became the tomb for this clan to prevent future desecration, and was called Silver Tear Keep.
During one such hunt the warrior was mortally wounded by an alpha werewolf, and upon returning
to Gallows Rock his last request was that his brother turn him into a Vigilant Ancestor so that he
could protect the resting of his clan forever.

Like most of Skyrim's magical creatures, he uses ice-based magic, and can temporarily
summon the ghostly reminiscences of his late comrades to aid him protecting the tomb.


A group of Pyromancers have made a small and partially destroyed Nordic ruin their arcane lookout and a base of operations to further invade nearby Ragnvald ruins. Despite this they still need to deal with Forsworn attacks and Minotaur groups. Its most exquisite creation was a powerful Flaming Spectre that guards the interior of the lookout. Basically it is the same kind of spectre to which the Chilling Spectre mentioned above belongs too, except that in this case the undead is involved in fire magic and summons fire based enthralled wraiths to aid him in combat. They also use powerfull Silence spells.
It is important to note that commonly this type of spectre was not necessarily a skilled individual in magic when alive, unlike liches and other undead users of arcane powers. As I said before, they are usually ordinary individuals, either voluntarily or involuntarily soaked in magical powers by external forces, and imprisoned in certain functions by them.


A case basically similar to the two previous mentioned spectres. An abandoned small state near
Mor Khazgur's stronghold has been taken over by electromancers who turned it into their lodge,
and there they practice their arcane electricity-based magic. Their exquisite creation was a
Sparkling Spectre, a powerful user of shock magic, silence spells, and who summons
enthralled wraiths involved in the same kind of elemental power as him.


A hemonculous is a curious creation. First it is important to differentiate a Hemonculous and a Homonculus. A Homonculus is a red winged creature similar to an Imp, created via alchemy, being a relatively simple chimeric creature. A Hemonculous is named after the ancient word Hemo, which means blood, and Homonculus, an alchemical creation. Basically a Hemonculous is then a chimera made using blood magic. Vampires use Vigilant Ancestors, who are then victims of Vampire Charm and through blood magic are corrupted, becoming guardians for these clans, rather than their initial role that would lead the vigilant ancestors to kill them. This happens when vampires invade tombs to make their hideouts there, and among them they have vampire masters powerful enough to carry out this process of charm and alchemy.
A Hemonculous retains his sanity and intelligence, but finds himself the victim of a powerful vampiric delusional charm, which leads him to believe that they are his masters, and that his new function is to protect them, just as anyone person or creature victimized by illusion spells.  Also commonly the ghostly reminiscences of the deceased that the Ancestor Guardians protects become corrupted and victims of the charm effect as well.  These corrupted Vigilant Ancestors are reddish in color, engulfed in blood magic, and their attacks drain life, pretty similar to the corruption caused on the ghosly reminiscences as well.

A small Dawnguard tomb, dating back to past ages, of the order's first act, lies just below the Broken
Helm Hollow cave, hidden in a waterfall. Guarded for centuries, if not millennia, by a faithful
Vigilant Ancestor, who was once an honorable dawnguard warrior, has now been invaded by a
vampire clan, which has made it their place of desecration, filling the place of victims, blood, and
corrupting its guardian, and who rested there protected by him. Unknown to the reformulated order Dawnguard, when accidentally it is located by some order's patrolers they are quickly attacked and killed,
or often turned into human cattle, thus keeping this vampires hidden to the order as a whole.


Enthralled wraiths are nothing more than newly captured wraiths that are at the beginning of the process to become Guardian Spectres against their will as well. This is evidenced by the gradual loss of human appearance, such as hands losing flesh, and part of the head simply dissolving, being now just a floating face of falling exposed flesh, which in the future will be only bones, as seen in the spectres such as the Flaming, Chilling and Sparkling ones, all originated and corrupted from wraiths. Obviously this human traits are
only the remnant of the entity's self-image, neither flesh nor real bones, but shows that they are indeed
loosing the rest of their humanity, and turning themselves basically into empty husks. Flaming,
Chilling and Sparkling Spectres summon this enthralled wraiths to help them, and they are embedded
in the same magica as their summoners, but with less power and more modest arcane attributes.

- 10 new types of ghostly undeads

- some new loot and spells, also lots of new effects

- 5 new battle arenas


chilling spectre, flaming spectre and sparking spectre models, textures and animations;
all creatures magic effects, spells, sounds and game implementation;
new boss battle arenas

enthralled wraith and vigilant ancestor/hemonculous models, textures and animations

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

Powerofthree- i used and adapted his amazing strange runes models, textures and animations in order to add the giant back rune on all the guardian spectres

CD PROJEKT RED- i used the track Witch Hunters as soundtrack of the new boss battles