Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Replace all those fugly wallbaskets with beautiful Nordic and Celtic woodcarvings. Lore friendly, high quality, true Nordic craftsmanship. Available as a simple replacer (no ESP) or select from 85 varieties at your local merchant to decorate your home or office. Free to use as a modder's resource.

Permissions and credits
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A hotifx 1c is now available for people still getting crashes in the Bannered Mare, House Battle-born etc.

*** Read below for special notes for SpecialEdition users! ***

Do you hate wallbaskets? I do. In fact, I was going to call this mod "I hate wallbaskets" before deciding to make it part of my Nordic Carving series. In our world, the Nords did fantastic wood carvings - some of the best in the history of art - so those horrible wicker things always looked like such a travesty to me.

Now you can replace them with beautiful Nordic and Celtic woodcarvings, most from historical sources around 1000 years old and reproduced as accurately as possible.

Choose to use as 1) a simple replacer (normal or low-poly) with no ESP, or 2) a replacer plus vendor ESP that makes them available for purchase from merchants. You can then use your favourite positioning mod to place them in your home or anywhere else. All varieties of all models are available in the QAsmoke cell - just find the chest.

Desaturated textures are available for ENB users but you need to download the main file first.

Note that these are high- to very-high poly models; 20k to 500k triangles. However, because they only appear in interiors they should have minimal impact on performance; I stay at 60fps even when staring at a wall full of these things with ENB on. If you are worried, there is a "low-poly" package available that swaps the two biggest Vanilla replacer models for much smaller ones, but still gives you the full range of baskets to purchase if you activate the ESP.

If you disable the ESP, you'll only see the 10 designs that replace the 10 Vanilla wallbaskets, matched for size. Turn on the ESP to see all 30 designs, each with a variety of wood options for a total of 85 possible wallbaskets. The ESP also switches some existing wallbaskets to new designs so that the same wallbasket doesn't appear 4 times in the same room. It doesn't add any new wallbaskets, so shouldn't interfere with mods that change the interiors of houses, stores and taverns. If you do find clashes you can either move the new wallbaskets, disable them via console or delete them in TES5Edit. If you look carefully, wallbaskets really only appear in Whiterun and Windhelm, so they are only readily available for sale from Belethor and Sadri (50%). Other merchants may stock them, but only rarely (5%). They cannot be crafted and never appear as loot.

All models and textures are free to use as a modder's resource, as long as you credit me for this work. Original Blender files are also available if anyone wants them. This SE version does not use gemstones from the gemling queen (like the Skyrim32 version) because they kept crashing the game.

F.A.Q. graciously supplied by lefttounge

Q: ...But dude, what are wallbaskets?
A: They're those awkward things that Nords in Skyrim like to slap onto the walls.

Q: ...Those thingys are called wallbaskets???
A: Yup.

Q: I thought wallbaskets were walls that people turned into baskets...?
A: Um...No?

Q: Can you make a wallbasket outfit that my follower can wear? She just loves those things. Plus, she's a nord. 
A: Probably not.

Q: How about making possibly a wallbasket loading screen replacer, where you like, show random slides of beautiful 4k resolution wallbasket retextures? 
A: I might keep that Idea in mind...

SpecialEdition Users:
The replacer version works perfectly, however...
At the moment there is no SKSE64bit so there are no manipulator mods available, such as Jaxonz or Cobb's positioners. For this reason, you will not be able to move wallbaskets once you buy and then drop them.
I have still made the full version of this mod available for 2 reasons:
1) one day SKSE64 will be available
2) people who know how to use the CK can use my mod as a Master file for adding these wallbaskets to any location they want, manually, to create a new mod or patch.
If any other mod authors out there like these carvings then I hope they'll find a way to incorporate them in their own work; they are all free to use in free mods.

One other slight problem: SpecialEdition is somehow forcing my meshes to use vertex colors even though this is disabled in the nif files. This makes some of the models look "bruised" or discoloured. If anyone can fix this, please let me know!