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Adds the Paladin Armor by NordWarUA into the Vigilants of Stendarr leveled lists. It also adds some vanilla items to it making the Vigilants of Stendarr appear to actually be able fighting some Daedra.

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Hey there,

I really love variety. So everytime I browse the Nexus and see all the great armor and clothing mods I get excited, but often these Armors are just for the Player and followers to wear. So I tried  to solve that.
With Leveled List the NPCs also get the chance to wear some great looking armor.


This mod changes the Vigilants of Stendar by adding the Paladin armors into the leveled lists. It also gives Vigilants a 20 percent chance to get a shield (Vanilla ones or the Paladin chields). They also can get an ebony mace now.


Now it also has the option without the ebony mace.
There is also an Option that replaces all of the Vanilla Armor with the Stendarr paladin Armor.


- what is a Leveled list?

a leveled list is a pool of items NPCs equip their gear from. Nearly every faction or non-unique NPC uses them. They add variety to the NPCs.


Stendarr Paladin Armor Set  (use the standard esp version)


I only did some scripting works. All the praise goes to NordWarUA for making this great armor and Raxyx7 for converting it into the esp.