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This patch adds a display for the mod Inn Soaps to Legacy of the Dragonborn.

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You can now display the soaps you've collected on your travels in the museum. A shelf has been added to the bathroom of the safehouse. You can conveniently reach it while taking a bath.
You can acquire the soaps from some of the inn keepers.

Legacy of the Dragonborn v5
Inn Soaps


Use a mod manager of your choice.

If you use Keep it Clean, use the Keep it Clean version of my patch. Don't use both.

Do not uninstall mods midgame.


Carboniac - for the Inn Soaps mod
Oaristys - for the shelf resource

Pickysaurus - for helping me with setting up the display and answering my questions
Kriana - for telling me to make this patch, testing it and fixing some things
[DTS] Shepp's Son - For testing the patch
HigheverRains - for writing the tutorial
, which can be found here
SirJesto - for fixing some things
The Legacy of the Dragonborn team