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Massively increases equipment crafting options by allowing any of the weapons and armor in the "core progression" (iron, steel, orcish, dwarven, elven, glass, ebony, daedric) to be crafted from any of those eight materials.

Permissions and credits
Name: Ish's Ars Armorum
Version: 1.11
Date: 12/27/2016
Category: Weapons and Armor
Author: ishmaeltheforsaken
Source: Skyrim Special Edition Nexus and


Skyrim Special Edition version or later


Massively increases equipment crafting options by allowing any of the weapons and armor in the "core progression" (iron, steel, orcish, dwarven, elven, glass, ebony, daedric) to be crafted from any of those eight materials.


This mod is a Skyrim Special Edition spiritual successor to Armory of Tamriel, a mod I had the great honor of working on for the original Skyrim. In short, almost every standard weapon and armor in the vanilla game can be crafted out of any material. This means you can craft an elven cuirass out of glass, an ebony cuirass out of steel, a dwarven greatsword out of... daedric? Okay, maybe the grammar doesn't always work out D:

Regardless, this constitutes an ENORMOUS expansion to crafting in Skyrim and allows players who enjoy the aesthetic of a particular style of equipment to keep that aesthetic from level 1 to 81 (and beyond!).

In order to craft any style aside from the basic style, you'll need to have in your inventory the book relating to that style. I encourage you to read the stories, but if you just want to know what's what, they are as follows:

I: Altmeri
II: Nordic
III: Orcish
IV: Dwemeri
V: Dunmeri
VI: Dremora
VII: Altmeri Ornate

All stats are based on material: all iron swords share the stats of the vanilla iron sword, regardless of style. All moonstone armor is light armor with vanilla elven armor ratings.

You'll find many friends and enemies throughout Skyrim and Solstheim equipped with the new weapons and armor. However, the extensive edits this involves create a number of compatibility issues, which will be addressed in their own section.


Most importantly: check the files tab for available compatibility patches.
Re: perk mods (such as Ordinator): load my mod earlier than you load them. I've renamed the Orcish, Elven, and Dwarven Smithing perks. These changes are purely cosmetic and should be overridden by any mod that makes substantive changes to those perks.

Due to the vast number of changes to leveled lists and actor inventories, there will likely be many conflicts with other mods. If you're on PC, use Wrye Bash to build a Bashed Patch to merge the edits. If you're on XBox One, load this mod as early as you can, because the only consequence to one of my changes being overwritten is that you'll see less variety in enemy load-out. Other mods' changes may be much more important. I'll try to make compatibility patches for any particularly troublesome incompatibilities. The only such issue I'm currently aware of is Ars Metallica, which edits the same blacksmith leveled lists that my mod does, meaning that either you won't see Ars Metallica's crafting feathers, or you won't see my style books. If you become aware of any other compatibility issues, LET ME KNOW. I'll do all I can to resolve serious issues, though if the incompatibility is on the scale of a single NPC, I'm probably just going to say "load the other mod later."

Known Issues:

* None, but there are almost one thousand (1000!) items, and I cannot test everything. If you experience a problem, LET ME KNOW.


12/27/2016, 1.11 - added new basic shields; renamed old basic shields to basic light shields; minor art fixes; minor text fixes and changes; renamed certain smithing perks (see compatibility note)

12/18/2016, 1.1 - all non-basic styles now require that you have in your inventory a book that teaches the style in question; style books have been added to blacksmith and general trader lists; all weapons and armors have been added to leveled lists and will appear in merchant inventories and on NPCs throughout Skyrim and Solstheim; numerous model fixes

12/05/2016, 1.06 - fixed undesirable transparency on certain models; fixed certain naming errors

12/04/2016, 1.05 - fixed certain helmets clipping on female khajiit and argonians

12/03/2016, 1.04 - fixed orcish boots not appearing for male characters

12/03/2016, 1.03 - numerous fixes to female inventory models and female dunmeri shield world models

12/02/2016, 1.02 - added basic and nordic breastplates; renamed all instances of "Cuirass" to "Armor"; numerous fixes for helmets on argonians, khajiit, and orcs

12/01/2016, 1.01 - fixed issue where dwemeri gauntlets and certain helmets wouldn't appear

12/01/2016, 1.0 - initial release

Contact Details:

Contact me at the Nexus; username: ishmaeltheforsaken


Bethesda Game Studios for creating Skyrim
Baratan, for creating the original Armory of Tamriel
Albatross and Arcturius, with whom I worked on Armory of Tamriel
Leviathan1753 for the SkyProc library
Mator for the AutomationTools xEdit script library
Zilav and Sharlikan for their help with xEdit

Tools Used:

Creation Kit


You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod.