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A "Vanilla +" appearance package of edits for a selection of followers and companions available on the Nexus. Companions include Sofia, Inigo, Vilja, Kaidan, Arissa, Livia, and more.

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Nexus Companions Refine is a personal appearance package of various companions available on the Nexus made to compliment the game's vanilla actors and my own personal tastes. Every companion has had their race records forwarded back to vanilla and file paths redirected to default assets, so you can now have your own textures take effect on your followers or, I assume, have them benefit from racial perks and powers.

The current companions supported include Sofia, Inigo, Vilja, Arissa, Kaidan, and Livia. If you want some other great-looking companions right out of the box, I strongly recommend Lucien and Hoth. I also strongly recommending taking a look at Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul, whose overall visual design helped inspire the direction of this mod.

"That Elder Scroll looks heavy and valuable."


Hallgarth's Additional Hair: The hair package most plugins are dependent on.


Skyrim Particle Patch
Player Extra Bright and Glowing Eyes Fix
Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition-
Expressive Facial Animation -Male Edition-


Tempered Skins for Females: Hand-painted face, body, and complexion texture replacer. Currently only supports UNP.
Tempered Skins for Males: Hand-painted face, body, and complexion texture replacer. Includes "SoS" variant.
Natural Eyes: A bold and natural eye retexture.
Orc Eyes Alternate: An orc eye texture made to compliment Natural Eyes.
Superior Lore-Friendly Hair: A natural and realistic hair texture. A personal favorite for years.


Obsidian Weathers & Seasons: Weather mod of the year every year. Beautiful and diverse weather strongly based on the concept art of the original game.
Enhanced Lights and FX: Interiors are very thematic and fitting for their location. One of the best looking lighting mods.
Veydosebrom: Wild, and very thematic grass overhaul with plenty of variety. Personal favorite.
Realistic Water Two: The only water overhaul. Bodies of water will no longer use the same textures and shaders throughout the province.
Majestic Mountains: Wonderful mountains that mesh well with Obsidian Weathers. Get the optional landscape textures as well.[/font]


While their work may not be included in part or full, I would like to extend special thanks to mindflux, DeserterX, Northborn, Artsick, Ruhadre, Niroku, triptherift, traa108, nevenbridge8, fadingsignal, Windsong, and the community for their contributions to the community and this mod. Most of this mod would not exist as-is without the information or material provided by these authors.

While this mod is definitely safe to use, unforeseen circumstances may happen as a result of changing the NPC race records back to the vanilla race. Face geometric and tints were generated using personalized material and mesh fixes in order for the actors to benefit from the same changes you would make to your player character. That stated, this still may result in unforeseen issues.