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About non-SKSE versions of Skyrim: I do not support those, but I allow other people to port my mods to them, on their own responsibility. (Don't ask me or PM me about porting or ports of my mods, that someone else ported.)


About the Anniversary Edition: I will not support the Anniversary Edition until all SKSE DLLs I'm using in my uploaded mods on Nexus AND all SKSE plugins that I use in my personal mod setup have been properly ported to AE. Even if this takes several years, or TES6 is released in the meantime, I will not be updating my mods in the meantime.


Update 22th June 2022: It's been over seven months now and thanks to the great effort of the community, many SKSE have been ported over to AE. Although we're not quite there yet in my opinion, I'm impressed by the progress being made. Before I'm going to officially support AE (without downgrading), I'll be waiting another few months. We're getting there slowly, but surely.


Update 25th June 2023: I'm slowly starting my move over to 1.6+.


Update 3th October 2023: I've now fully moved to 1.6.




Thank you for your understanding and your support. <3




Q: Why don't your mods use MCMs and instead use this janky console command system to set globals?

A: I am not a fan of MCMs. You can set the globals by making a patch in xEdit.


Q: Why don't you use FOMODs?

A: That would require reuploading the entire mod, in question, even if I only make a small change. My internet is limited and reuploading the files each time will take a huge chunk of my monthly volume.