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  • CCOR SE - Compatibility Guide

    This guide is written for modders who wish to create patches for Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered.  It can also be used to incorporate built-in compatibility and support for CCOR into other mods (more on this below).

    The quickest way to add support for CCOR is to use SSEEdit along with the provided compatibility script (available under Misc files) to make a patch.  This script will add the appropriate CCOR conditions to the crafting recipes added by other mods with just a few clicks.  If you want to add break down recipes to your mod or patch file, then you may want to do that first (see next section below).

    1. Download and install the SSEEdit scripts from the CCOR mod page.

    2. Loa...

  • CCOR SE - Crafting Recipes and Gemstone Associations

    This article provides additional details on the changes and features included in Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered.

    All crafting recipes have been reworked for greater consistency. I have tried to standardize the recipe patterns that existed in the vanilla game and apply them more reliably across all armor and weapon types. The basic recipe formulas, as used by CCOR, are:

    Gauntlets = 2primary - 1 secondary - 1 leather - 2 leather strips
    Boots = 3 primary - 1 secondary - 1 leather - 2 leather strips
    Helmet = 3 primary - 1 secondary - 1 leather - 1 leather strip
    Cuirass = 5 primary - 2 secondary - 2 leather - 4 leather strips

    Shield = 4 primary - 1 secondary - 2 leather...

  • CCOR SE - Alternate XP Formula

    Complete Crafting Overhaul provides an alternate method for calculating Smithing experience. The goal of this new formula is to emphasize experimentation and crafting a wide variety of different items, as opposed to the vanilla method which rewards repeatedly crafting the same item.

    In the vanilla game, the most effective way to level smithing is to focus on a handful of items with the best ratio of material cost to gold value. This system emphasizes and rewards the mass-production of cheap items. Personally, I feel that crafting different and more difficult items should result in higher XP gains. This is what CCOR's alternate Smithing formula seeks to achieve.

    With the new XP formula, the most effective way to level Smithin...