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Freshly mowed? Nope! It's all natural short grass! Comes with groundcover, check out optional files for grass plus clover flowers. Made by JD941, now ported for the SE crew to enjoy

Permissions and credits
This is a SE port of: Short Grass (endorse it if you love it!) - actually, it's now removed from LE : (
- using Creation Kit, SSE Nif Optimizer, and Octagon
- most are ported from the LE page, which was last updated: January 13, 2018

Honestly my all time favorite grass mod. If you like this port, go give endorsements and kudos to these guys:

Made by the awesome JD941, who then credits Merkcy aka Elyem and 32cm for the texture and grass meshes

- Using Mod Organizer (or any other mod managers, I assume)
- download and install file, and ya done!

- color of grass will vary by ENB, still shades of lush green tho
- there seems to be a "z-fighting"-esque bug (*ahem* "feature") that I can't fix. More details written out in discussions.
- Is this fps hungry? Yes. Big yes.
- if your fps suffers a lot, use Grass FPS Booster
GRASS SETTINGS: (from LE page)


HIGHLY RECOMMEND - Max Aesthetics:

It is best if you find some kind of green texture for the tundras of whiterun
- Green LOD noise tint by xrayy could help with maintain the green look in the distance. Generate with DynDoLOD
- Septentrional Landscapes by Winedave!!!! SUPER DUPER RECOMMEND!! Green tundras and hi-def textures all around

- Unique Flowers and Plants (Official Port with fixes)
- adds more flowers and plants. Makes the world a bit more lush and colorful. I load it before Short Grass

- Fixes I recommend any grass mod: Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes, No Grass in Caves, Landscape Fixes for Grass