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A patch to allow ECE's character customization options work with Imperious Races of Skyrim. Now with NSO compatibility.

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I like to use mods that adjust the races, I also like to use ECE. Sadly these conflict so I made a patch to hopefully make them work together.

I simply created a mod to overwrite the Race records so that all the changes by Imperious carry over but also contains the Head data from ECE. So far it appears to work. I have used the No Sunken Faces for Vampires version, y'know, as a heads up.

I have included one that also works with Subtle But Classless. Only one of the plugins should be needed.

I don't have much modding knowledge so I won't be able to handle more complex issues, but feel free to let me know if there's some issues you think may be caused by this mod.

Version 1.2
Replaced the Subtle But Classless version, I accidentally used the wrong plugin in the last update.
Fixed minor issue with NSO version, added beasts race support back in after accidentally removing it.
Placed both versions of the plugin in one folder for convenience, only use one plugin.

Version 1.1
Fixed some issues I missed with Vampires
Added NSO compatible version. Should be used in place of the NSO's Imperious patch.