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The main file is an archive of several Skyrim String Localizer Translation Files for German Translations of different Mods to import and create translated ESP or ESM files for certain mods.

I will add new translation files to upload into the Skyrim String Localizer when I have done them. This archive may already contain translations which are not complete.

From time to time I'll upload new archive also when I have updated translation with new version the original author released. General speaking the archive contains the latest original mod version translation files.

How to get and use Skyrim Strings Localizer go

German Skyrim Strings Localizer Tutorial here

To just import my translation files, you need to install Skyrim String Localizer and start it, select the mod ESP or ESM file and Skyrim_German.Strings from your ./Data Directory and hit Load/Laden.
On the very left menu option File/Datei select load translation / Übersetzung laden and select on the very right side of the window "Strings in ESP einbetten", ready. The original ESP or ESM will be left with *.bak extension on your data folder.

Each modder who finds a translation in this archive for its own mod, just drop me a note. Same if you want to upload a mod based on my translation, please let me know and get my permission.

My translations hosted here ready to install
Desert X and Mitosuke Mods
Airship - Dev Aveza by Deapri
SeaPoint Settlement by LeianneG
Serenity - player house ship by Elianora - Leianne
Dawn of Skyrim Collection by BluePianoTwo
Ring of Waterwalking by EzDC and Kelsenellenelvian
Follower Pack CBBE Etherial Elves Dragonborn by Destero
Black Mage Armor by Reko
Handmaiden by phoenixmass
TES Arena - Legendary Cities - by jabr and Verodor
Ciri's Outfit UNP-CBBE-UUNP Bodyslide by Oaristys
Moniko the Tattooed Beauty by SkylaSkyrim
Venice the Marked Angel by SkylaSkyrim
Ellindia Forest - Standalone Follwer Mod by WinterMayfly and ReGenBot03
Yennefer of Vengerberg - The Witcher 3 Voice Standalone Follower by Levionte
Nightshade Bodysuit by Erucci13
Bijin All in One-2016 by Mebantiza
Follower Cynthia the Spell Lady by SR
The Profitable Hunter by ClearanceClarence
Tanya by HeroedeLeyenda
Jennifer by HeroedeLeyenda
Rebekah by HeroedeLeyenda
Follower Cynthia the Spell Lady and Elisif Replacer by SR

I will remove translation files when modder change formIDs from mod version to next and so on, as this is useless for translations.

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