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A very simple ENB preset and weather/lighting/effects plugin.

Removes many annoying effects and improves the look of the vanilla game.

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This is a simple tweak for people who do not want to change the look of the game too much or use a boat load of mods. It is not compatible with any lighting or weather mod.

Main Features:

• Better ambient occlusion
• Better shadows
• Better contrast, reduced black crush
• Brighter, colder whites
• Brighter lights such as fire and window glow
• Reduced Saturation (More like the 2011 release now)
• Reduced volumetric lighting intensity
• Removed camera effects (blur, blood, etc)
• Reduced fog pop in for interiors and exteriors
• Removed eye adaptation
• Removed bloom

• Included ini file can be used to adjust saturation as you see fit, it's self explanatory.


• The plugin requires the unofficial patch which can be found here.

• The enb files require you to download the enb binaries which can be found here.

Recommended Settings:

In the launcher disable the following effects:

• Lens Flare
• Snow Shaders
• Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

• In the in-game menu, turn depth of field off.

Recommended mods:

• Pure Waters or your water mod of choice
• Ruins Clutter Improved
• No Survival Camera Effects if you have the survival mode creation club add on installed
• JK's Skyrim