Fallout New Vegas
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A command line tool for packing and unpacking Bethesda archives

Permissions and credits
Packer and unpacker for Bethesda Game Studios archive files. Source Code

This is a standalone command line version of BSArchPro tool.

Supported games (archive versions):
  • Morrowind
  • Oblivion
  • Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas
  • Skyrim LE
  • Skyrim Special Edition
  • Fallout 4 General
  • Fallout 4 DDS textures

BSArch v0.7 by Zilav, Sheson and ElminsterAU
Packer and unpacker for Bethesda Game Studios archive files

bsarch.exe <archive> [parameters]
<archive> - archive file name to view
additional parametes: -list to show files list or -dump for extended dump

bsarch.exe unpack <archive> <folder>
<archive> - archive file name to unpack
<folder> - path to the existing destination folder to unpack into
When not set unpack into the folder where archive is located
-q[uiet] Don't list extracted files
-mtRun multi-threaded

bsarch.exe pack <folder> <archive> [parameters]
<folder> - path to the source folder with files to pack
<archive> - archive file name to create
-tes3 Morrowind archive format
-tes4 Oblivion archive format
-fo3 Fallout 3 archive format
-fnv Fallout: New Vegas archive format
-tes5 Skyrim LE archive format (fo3/fnv/tes5 are technically the same)
-sse Skyrim Special Edition archive format
-fo4 Fallout 4 General archive format
-fo4dds Fallout 4 DDS archive format (streamed DDS textures mipmaps)
-af:valueOverride archive flags with a hex value
Oblivion, Fallout 3/NV and Skyrim LE archives only
-ff:valueOverride files flags with a hex value
Oblivion, Fallout 3/NV and Skyrim LE archives only
-z Compress archive. This will also force "Compressed" flag
in archive flags even if they are overridden with -af
parameter custom value. Keep in mind that sounds and voices
don't work in compressed archives in all Bethesda games!
Even if your archive contains a single sound/voice file
out of thousands, it must be uncompressed.
-shareBinary identical files will share the same data
in archive to preserve space.
-mtRun multi-threaded

If <folder> or <archive> include spaces then embed them in quotes

* Show archive info including hex flags values to be used with -af and -ff
bsarch d:\somepath\somefile.bsa
* Dump extended files information from archive
bsarch "d:\game\mod - main.bsa" -dump
* Unpack archive into the same folder where archive is located
bsarch unpack d:\mymod\new.bsa
* Unpack archive into the specified folder
bsarch unpack d:\mymod\new.bsa "d:\unpacked archive\data"
* Create Skyrim Special Edition compressed archive
bsarch pack "d:\my mod\data" "d:\my mod\data\new.bsa" -sse -z
* Create Fallout New Vegas uncompressed archive with custom flags
bsarch pack "d:\my mod\data" "d:\my mod\new.bsa" -fnv -af:0x83 -ff:0x113
* Create Fallout 4 compressed textures archive
bsarch pack "d:\my mod\data" "d:\my mod\new.ba2" -fo4dds -z