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Semi-retired due to health, but still lurking!
Any work I create I consider to be open-source and available to all. All I request is that you let me know if you've modified something or uploaded a variation with a link to yours, and credit me with the inspiration. I'm more than happy to add that link to the mod page, and even redirect people to you if you've outdone me! Not that hard to do really!
If the permissions on a mod of mine seems to be more strict than that, it's likely because someone else's work was involved and I want to honor their expectations. In such cases please just send me a message with what you're wanting to do and I'll let you know where the line is or try to get you in touch with them!
I juggle projects about as much as I juggle snacks. And that's a lot of snacks. I'm always brainstorming ideas for the next big thing I want to work on, but then I have to compare my knowledge to what I suspect would be required and try to scale things back a bit. I mean, I'm no slouch, I've been in the Bethesda modding scene as both user and author since Morrowind, but there's always more to learn!
-={ Current Projects and Busyness }=-
>> Dagi-Raht (soon to be Lunar Lattice)
Took over for TheUnexpected so they could have a well-earned vacation. Hold onto your lug-nuts, it's time for an overhaul!
>> Lunar Lattice A Khajiit race mod of great proportions, my intended-to-be magnum opus. Permissions have been graciously granted by NightroModzz to utilize his incredible Khajiit Overhaul resources (which will also be a hard requirement to use LL), and Bad Dog has given me the go-ahead to work with his skeletons and various other resources. Other authors are also planned to be contacted at future dates for textures and other such things.
>> Magus Toolkit
Built from: Better Archmage's Robes, Better Staff of Magnus, Better Skull of Corruption (by Savage Hammer)
The first two are due for an update and the third is getting a makeover in the same manner as its brothers. Savage Hammer has given me blanket permissions to update and port his mods, and I have a few ideas of my own, so expect even more to make it into the toolkit!
-={ Future Potential Projects }=-
>> Do No Harm
A community member begged the question: What if I want to play Skyrim, complete quests, but not kill people? Is it possible? You bet it is. Condition-based poisons, gas bomb potions, a utility bow delivery system, enchanted grenades... hold onto your seats, we're going non-lethal!
>> FOMOD Designer - UI Design
Haven't done much with this one yet as Ganda and I are torn between life and Wrye Bash, but the rebuild is slowly plodding ahead!
>> Enderal: Forgotten Stories - SSE Test Porting
This one could fit into either Current or Future. While there are several guides to get the old version of Enderal working with SSE, the Forgotten Stories re-release is its own new beast. There are some of us working on replacements for SKSE plugins, others attempting to rebuild the Enderal-specific DLLs to SKSE64, and others still working on assets and plugins. It's a huge endeavor, one that SureAI preferred to set aside to ensure the game itself (because let's be real, it's not just a mod or a total conversion, it's practically its own thing now) was the best it could be. Enter the community to see how much work and time we can save them!
-={ Past and Standby Projects }=- 
>> Cathedral Assets Optimiser - Test Dummy
Did some text strings grammar editing, but mostly there as one of the first to take the hits with updates. This thing's going to change the modding scene, it's already making waves!
>> Wrye Bash - Documentation Editor
Woo, the number of restarts and variations going on with this one! Of course, when something's mostly been left to the way it was made in 2009 with very few updates...
>> Ihlenda Reconstructed
Ihlenda the Dwemer Droid Companion made by nofear88 was a fantastically unique companion with some unfortunate flaws. I hate to see a unique idea die, so I took it upon myself to rebuild Ihlenda entirely from the ground up. Should nofear88 return he's fully welcome to take his droid off my hands and continue the legacy!
I've mostly fallen to the wayside on this one. I keep an eye on it as bugs are reported, scan the comments every so often, check out the progress and new screenshots, but tonicmole has it under control. BUSTY holds the claim to fame of being the first body mod for Fallout 4, way back in the early days. Just two weeks after the game released we had decrypted the values in the RACE record that were used for the bodyshape triangle, and were either the first or one of the first (everything was a race back then) to edit the game's text strings to incorporate text changes. Of course now BUSTY has taken a significant tone shift with body meshes and skeleton edits, but its legacy will live on!
A dreamer, a fixer, and a troublemaker.
I'm a firm believer that mods are a gift to the world: a work of passion that the creator then decides to share with the community without any expectation of something in return. Patches are a sign of respect, that someone else's work is worth your time and effort to ensure it works with your own, or with something else you also love. Ports and remakes honor the original author's ideas, having inspired someone to carry those ideas forward. Even if the original is adapted to serve a new purpose, or only a few pieces made it through to the next iteration, recognition with a name and a link to the inspiring source is what this community is all about.
Because that really is what this is: a community. It takes all of us. The users, the mod authors, the tool creators, the site admins, even Bethesda themselves. We're all in this together, and our community wouldn't exist without everyone playing their part!
I have my thumbs in pies and hands in cookie jars all across the community, generally lurking in the shadows but occasionally poking my head out to offer advice or assistance with things I believe in. I have a large number of patches and fixed plugins for abandoned and dead mods just sitting in an archive waiting for the moment when a related author reappears and responds, and any rebuilds or ports I make are often expanded upon drastically. I'm a true mod hoarder, with tons of mods long since thought dead stashed away on an external drive in case I ever decide I need them. It would be a shame to let someone's ideas and dreams disappear when others enjoyed their creations.
I've been called a mod pirate, nosy, a nuisance, rude, an a**hole, and many other heated insults over the years due to my beliefs, which is part of why I often choose to lurk instead of sticking my neck out publicly. There're many like me who believe similar things, and those who refuse to see their creation as anything but their own. That's their choice, but one I choose to disagree with. Regardless, I try not to go against their wishes and just hope that someday more will see the joy and entertainment they bring to the community, no matter how large or small their work may be.


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