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An overhaul of staves enchantments and some tweaks to make staves actually of use even in endgame scenario. Adding also staves missing from the game.

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Useful Magical Staves
This mod is 100% compatible with perk ovehauls like Ordinator and such.

UMS is basically an overhaul of Magical Staves. UMS focuses on enchantment and pratical use of staves adding tweaks to make them useful even in endgame scenario.

Mod features:
- A simple quest will lead you to the 3 artifacts of Syrabane. Every artifact enpower an aspect of Magical staves.

1- Syrabane focus gem: Spell magnitude of staves will increase with your enchanting skill (up to a 60%, should compare with normal spells, using 2 staves should work like dual casting in terms of damage at max enchanting skill, still dual casting has the added perk of knockback so is a matter of playstyles).

2- Syrabane Power gem: "SoulSiphon" enpowers with enchanting skill (Up to 45%). When health is low (less than 50% editable) and a staff is equipped and charged (more than 1000 charges, editable value), shield bash will paralyze the target. A boost in damage when you are wielding a staff and a bound weapon, is a big boost, but is meant to scale with enchanting, and to reach the same damage that can be reached with a fully sharpened weapon. Also this boost can only be used while not sneaking.

3- Syrabane Influence gem: Staves spells will last longer as you increase enchanting skill.(up to a 50%)

  • Added some staves missing from the game like: Firestorm, Blizzard also added staves like Conjure Seeker (Conj. Seeker staff can be crafted only after defeating miraak).

  • Enhanced staves "Conjure atronach", made some tweaks like: removed chain lightning from the storm atronach and added lightningbolt and thunderbolt with elemental potency, and incinerate on the flame atronach, increased melee damage of the frost atronach.

  • This mod is build so that every staff that you might equip will be registered! The enhancements will work in fact also with all your other staves from other mods!
  • Magelight staff can cast unlimited light spheres you can finally light up those dark dungeons with your staff!

  • Soul Siphon will work for staves now, if you kill a target with a staffthe weakest soulgem will be consumed and double of his charge added to the staff charge, Enchanting skill up will also trigger the magnitude of the skill up depends on the soulgem used.

Introduced the staff carving system, basically the lore is that Azra Nightwielder was about to discover a way to furtherly infuse powers to
staves but he didn't had the heartstones.

If you are making a new game wich is suggested, you should find his notes inside the same chest where you will find the Syrabane Jewels. After the quest completes
and you have at least 30+ in enchanting skill you might forge a the special carving scalpel designed by Azra. With it Equip on the right hand ANY type of Magical staff,and with a cost of 10 Heartstones you can apply constant abilities.

These abilities will show only when the TYPE OF STAFF (Firebolt, Fireball etc. ) WITH THE SAME DESIGN (Like Regular, Falmer, Forsworm are different design) wich has been "Carved" only when used on the RIGHT HAND.

The abilities:
Alterator: Alteration spells cost less, enpowers Telekinesis (Distance, power, vision)
Healer: Restoration spells cost less, when health is 100% restoration spells are 4 time more effective on undead.
Atronach Birthright: Adds armor rating, and a little percentage of spells Absorb.
Speed of light: Increase Movement speed.
Elemental affinity: Reduce by 45% damage from shock, frost and fire.
Conjurer: Conjuration spells cost less, an additional minion can be summoned.
Modular voice: Your voice can be shaped giving you a boost in speechskill and in shout cooldown.

This should allow to have your favorite staff to use all time as a mage or, a
set of staves you use for the appropriate occasion. The choice is all

This mod was build to synergize with:

La Bella Magia - Simple compendium

Agent Of Mora - Major Spell packages compatibility

Tomes of Power - An immersive magic scaling