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Gain access to the realm of endless knowledge. Craft spell tomes, vanilla and all tomes coming from other SpellPackage mods!

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Agent Of Mora

Agent of Mora is basically a spelltome crafting mod. With the very big difference that you will be able to craft all the spelltomes of others SpellPackage mods! (If the mod author putted the tomes in the leveled list, or if you bash patch your run and add the modified leveled list).

There are a lot of spelltome crafting mod, but Agent of Mora use a very simple but effective approach on the matter.

I've added 3 sets of FURNITURES called "Sources" in the world.

- The first reachable set is in "Septimus signus outpost", you will have to gain access by talking to the "Wretched abyss". (THE VOICE OF HERMAEUS MORA IS OF DANIEL HODGE HIS IMPRESSION OF THE DAEDRIC LORD IS STUNNING)

- The second set is reachable at the top of "Epistolary Acumen" before obtaining the power of the book.

- The third is in the "QASmoke" cell for testing purpouses, (there is also a testing knapsack with all the material needed).

To craft a spelltome:

1- You will need at least 5 Paper roll, 1 Quill, 1 Inkwell, the PaperRoll needed is customizable with the MCM menu.

2- Choose the Magic Schools "Source".

3- Since 2.1 update a custom crafting menu will let you choose WICH  spelltome to craft with the use of the "Switcher" item. (Using the "Switcher" will consume novice spelltome quantity paper roll.

Other Features:

- Using a Ruined Book or a Burned Book will give you 3 Paper Roll, you can finally recycle those usless items!!
- Using sources will increase a little the skill of the relative Magic School.

- Master Level spells have been added. A 90+ skill and one of this 2 special items are required to craft these tomes:
  1. Dragon Insight: You can obtain it by trading a dragon soul in the "Source" menu
  2. Perk insight: You can obtain it by trading a Free Perk Point in the "Source" menu
- You can craft also scrolls, from apprentice level up crafting a scroll consumes a filled soul gem up to Greater level. Scroll crafting skills up enchanting.

Agent of mora is my opinion the best compromise we can have between installing spell tome mods and using spell crafting mods. Install your spell mod packages and become the most powerful SPELLCASTER DRAGONBORN.

Agent of mora is meant to blend in the original game, this mod can be also used as Mod resource to add in your mod, YOU CAN DELETE THE WORLD REFERENCES, AND SIMPLY COPY PASTE THE SOURCE FURNITURE WHERE YOU WANT IN YOUR MOD, beside the audio files wich of all credit goes to DANIEL HODGE.

In any case you must follow the permissions NOTE in this mod.

To do list:

- Adding Master spell tomes
- Adding scrolls
- Tweaking features

This mod was build to synergize with:

Useful magical staves
La Bella Magia - Simple Compendium
Tomes of Power - An immersive magic scaling