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Grow as spellcaster as you read spelltomes. An immersive way to be a mage!

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I always felt frustrated of the mage experience. Adding content is fun and good but i always felt that being a mage is something like a pilgrimage. The mage discover books, he obtains the knowledge and he get really immerse in the sense of study and training of a spell. Not simply "devour" spelltomes and in 3 seconds becomes a super mage with countless spells.

This mod was a big experiment for me, i have a lot of ideas for it but this is a stable version and i wanted to release it.


What this mod does:

  • Reading a spellbook now cannot be spammed. Every time the player does it he enters into a stage of "knowledge" (Check the image section). After the 3rd stage (so you can learn 3 spells at time), reading another spell tome makes you in a "Foolishness" state.

  • Foolish state reduces by 50% skill ups obtained from spellcasting.

  • The only way to cure foolishness is a potion "Shalidor's Elixir" sold by alchemist or founded in dungeon leveled list.
  • As of 1.3 "Foolishness" state can be healed only by praying at an altar of Julianos (just activate the altar, a brief animation will play) The prayer is compatible with every other religion mod
  • As of 1.3 having Julianos blessing or being in the College of Winterhold Location will increase the effect of every stage of "Knowledge", thus increasing skill obtained from spellcasting.

  • No more unimmersive magic scaling. Every spelltome readed increse the player power in spellcasting in this way. Alteration and Conjuration tomes increase those school spells duration. Destruction, Illusion, Restoration increase potency. This is the real PURE mage experience. You don't need to carry 20000 potions anymore, learning spells gives you the power you need to be the BEST mage.
  • A cool animation to make you feeling you are reading a spell tome any time you read one.
  • Exiting from Apocrypha will wane on the player the "Foolishness" state unless protected from Julianos Blessing wich will work as a one time shield.

In my experience i really enjoyed having a limited set of spells and having to create a strategy. And slowly gaining the freedom of choice of an experienced mage.