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High resolution retextures of the Death Hound and Gargoyles from Dawnguard. The Death Hound is available in two color versions. Choose the one you like best. 4K and 2K resolutions available.

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RUSTIC DEATH HOUND & GARGOYLE - SSE is a hi-res retexture of the Death Hound (AKA Vampire Dog) and Gargoyles (including the statue) from the Dawnguard expansion. 4K and 2K resolutions available.

For SSE, I combined my RUSTIC DEATH HOUND mod with my RUSTIC GARGOYLE mod for ease of use. Since they are both Dawnguard beasties, it only made sense to port them together. Also, I saved all the normal maps in BC7 compression for improved appearance.

The original Death Hound (vampire dog) textures were a disappointment to me. Though Skyrim Special Edition uses the hi-res pack versions from SLE, they are still a 2K mess. The diffuse body texture was basically two shades of grey with a noise filter applied to them. To say that these textures were lazy in their execution would be a kindness.

What is particularly disappointing, is that the original design and model are pretty good. The Death Hound had the potential to look so much better than what that particular Bethesda texture artist came up with. The concept of the Death Hounds is frightening... A mutated undead hound with rotting flesh, glowing eyes, and a cloak of black mist surrounding it. I wanted to redo the textures to give the Death Hounds a truly scary and unsettling appearance. The people of Skyrim should fear the sight of a Death Hound.

For people who prefer the original dark color way of the Death Hound, I have that option as well.

After retexturing the Death Hound, I took a look at the Gargoyles, who similarly were unimpressive in their vanilla aspect. I was never a fan of their wings in particular, which were tattered like cheap curtains. A frayed edge I could understand, but not riddled with holes. That was one thing that had to go. The textures overall were lacking in detail, even at their 2K size, and lacked the fierceness that they should possess. I decided that they needed some "rustic" love, so I tried to breathe a little life into these beasties. Included are the Gargoyle Statues that are found in Dawnguard. The Bethesda hi-res pack version was only 1K, so it was seriously lacking in detail.

This mod only consists of textures, there are no meshes, or ESP involved. As always, choose the texture resolution that works best for your setup. I hope people like the results of my efforts.


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