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Adds bound weapons for missing vanilla weapon types, and makes slight adjustments to bound weapon balance for consistency.

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Adds bound weapons for missing vanilla weapon types, and makes slight adjustments to bound weapon balance for consistency.

Bound Weapons Extravaganza by Gruftlord is an excellent mod, but I wasn't completely satisfied with how it was implemented. I prefer having access to various bound weapon types as their own spells, instead of having to go into an MCM menu to change weapon types. This preference was also partially motivated by my enjoyment of Know Your Enemy by tjhm4 - I wanted to have spells for various weapon types readily available from my favorites menu to counter the resistances added by KYE.

Specific Changes
  • Adds bound War Axes, Maces, Greatswords, and Warhammers. Their damage is balanced the same relative to the vanilla bound weapons (ie. base version is equivalent to vanilla Orcish and Mystic Binding version is equivalent to vanilla Daedric). Includes spell tomes added to appropriate leveled lists.
  • Adds spell tomes for Bound Dagger (from the Dragonborn DLC) to the base-game leveled lists. Without this change, there's only a few places in Solstheim where you can find them.
  • Re-balances Bound Battleaxe to be more in-line with the balancing of other bound weapons (for some reason, the vanilla Bound Battleaxe is much weaker relative to other vanilla bound weapons).
  • Includes balance tweak to greatsword attack speed from WACCF by kryptopyr on Bound Greatsword. It doesn't 'require' WACCF, but I will not be making a non-"WACCF balanced" version. You can easily change the Greatsword attack speed from 0.8 (WACCF value) to 0.75 (USSEP value) or 0.7 (vanilla value) in xEdit if you really want.

This mod is completely script-free.

I know very little about meshes, and even less about animated ones. As such, I used the same method as Bound Weapons Extravaganza, and removed the flaming effect around the new bound weapons (replacing it with the Elemental Fury effect). I did manage to add the appropriate sound effect to a copy of the Elemental Fury effect in NifSkope, so the sound that plays when you summon bound weapons will still work. I also included these changes to the vanilla game bound weapons for consistency (so it isn't the case that some weapons have the flaming effect, and others don't).

I would love to have flaming effect versions for all the weapons. If anyone in the community is willing to create/contribute them, I would be happy to implement them into this mod, and provide full credit to the creator (you would be added as an author, and given full access to the mod page).

Lite Version Differences
  • Requires Beyond Skyrim - Bruma, Immersive Sounds - Compendium, Audio Overhaul Skyrim SE, and the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP).
  • Does not include bound War Axes or Warhammers.
  • Integrates Beyond Skyrim Bruma's versions of bound Greatswords and Maces into Skyrim's leveled lists.
  • Re-balances Bound Greatsword and Bound Battleaxe to align with other bound weapons, as well as incorporate the WACCF attack speed change.
  • Adjusts Bound Mace to be a Novice spell like Bound Sword (and have the spell tome located in Novice Conjuration leveled lists).
  • Adds Bound Dagger (from Dragonborn DLC) to both base-game and Beyond Skyrim - Bruma leveled lists.
  • Includes the vanilla-style flaming effect around all bound weapons (not possible currently in the full version due to the aforementioned limitations).
  • Includes no additional files aside from the plugin.

In a nutshell, the lite version integrates the bound weapons from Beyond Skyrim - Bruma and the Dragonborn DLC into the base game, and incorporates the changes from the other required mods (alongside my balance/consistency changes). The main advantage of this is keeping the vanilla flaming effect on bound weapons, while the main disadvantage is not having bound War Axes or Warhammers (and the additional mod requirements).

TLDR: It functions as an 'integration patch' for all required mods, as opposed to adding anything 'new'.

Any mod that edits conjuration leveled lists will require a bashed/smashed patch to resolve conflicts. Mods that alter leveled lists via in-game scripts (eg. Apocalypse) will be compatible without patching.

Otherwise, this mod should be compatible with any other mod that does not alter bound weapons. The new bound weapons are implemented the same way as vanilla bound weapons, so it will be compatible with mods that alter existing perks affecting bound weapons (eg. Ordinator), but may require a patch for mods that add new perks affecting bound weapons if they change the default enchantment on bound weapons.

There are reports of CTDs when using this mod in VR. I believe this may be due to some special requirements with the meshes used in VR, but unfortunately I cannot fix this, as I do not know what those requirements are, nor would I necessarily have the knowledge to make the changes even if I did.

Compatible With Patches (Provided)
  • Vokrii
  • Mysticism 1.X (not 2.X)
  • Immersive Sounds - Compendium
  • Beyond Skyrim - Bruma
Compatible Without Patches
  • Ordinator
  • Apocalypse
  • Mysticism 2.X (completely redundant - Mysticism itself now adds additional bound weapons)

Thanks To
  • Gruftlord for allowing me to use his bound weapon meshes for vanilla weapons
  • xEdit Team for xEdit