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Your kawaii followers now fixed with USSEP patch

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Skyrim Beautiful Followers - SBF - USSEP Patch
I don't know what image should I use for the header so I put a random deep fried meme.

This is a plugin replacer for Skyrim Beautiful Followers which carried over changes made by USSEP. Also, this patch removed unnecessary race record edits which cause incompatibility with racial overhaul such as Imperious and Disparity.

This patch contains only 1 plugin file to replace SBF's original plugin. Simply overwrite the original plugin with this patch.


  • Botox of Skyrim user, if you use NMM, install Botox of Skyrim first, then this mod, if you use MO (or MO2), place this mod below Botox of Skyrim or some of your followers will use FaceGen from that mod. (But trust me. Please use MO2 instead of NMM. Your modding life will be easier.)
  • If you want to change face textures to match your body textures, please navigate to Data\textures\111NordRace\head\ and replace those textures with your own. By default, this mod used SG Female Texture Renewal. If you don't do this, your NPC will have a very visible neck seam.

It seems like no SSE version of SBF exists on Nexus, so you have to convert it by yourself. It's easy, let's get started! (This quick guide assume you're using Mod Organizer 2)

First, you will need to download these things:
Ready? Let's convert the mod, shall we?
  1. Install the mod using MO2.
  2. Open Creation Kit via MO2, and load the SBF plugin.
  3. In CK, click File -> Save... to save the plugin. Saving plugin in CK will automatically convert the Form 43 plugin to Form 44 plugin which makes the plugin usable in SE.
  4. Open Cathedral Assets Optimizer (You don't need to open it via MO2)
  5. In Profile dropdown, select SSE.
  6. Click Open Directory and navigates to the SBF folder in MO2 mods directory (Should be in the mods folder if you're using default MO2's directory settings)
  7. Click Run and wait.
  8. In tab Log, wait until the program says the process is completed.
  9. That's it. Enjoy the mod.

hrk1025 for SBF
Arthmoor and every contributor for USSEP
Sharlikran and the gang for SSEEdit