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Your kawaii followers now fixed with USLEEP patch

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Skyrim Beautiful Followers - SBF - USLEEP Patch
I don't know what image should I use for the header so I put a random deep fried meme.

This is a plugin replacer for Skyrim Beautiful Followers which carried over changes made by USLEEP.

This patch contains only 1 plugin file to replace SBF's original plugin. Simply overwrite the original plugin with this patch.

- Skyrim with all DLC (Obviously)
- USLEEP; Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (Obviously too.)
- Skyrim Beautiful Followers (For textures and meshes. Please be sure to endorse his mod too!)

- If you're using racial overhaul mod (e.g. Imperious), you must put this plugin before those mods because of this mod edited race records. This suggestion applied to the both original and this patched plugin. You don't need to do this anymore in V1.1 since this version removed all old race records from the original mod.
- Botox of Skyrim user, if you use NMM, install Botox of Skyrim first, then this mod, if you use MO (or MO2), place this mod below Botox of Skyrim or some of your followers will use FaceGen from that mod. (But trust me. Please use MO2 instead of NMM. Your modding life will be easier.)
- If you want to change face textures to match your body textures, please navigate to Data\textures\111NordRace\head\ and replace those textures with your own. By default, this mod used SG Female Texture Renewal. If you don't this, your NPC will have very visible neck seam.

- hrk1025 for SBF
- Arthmoor and every contributor for USLEEP
Sharlikran and the gang for TES5Edit