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Don't save your skill books for later!

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This mod reworks skill books so that instead of granting levels instantly, they give you a permanent boost to your leveling speed in the respective skill. This means that you benefit more by reading them as soon as you find them.

NB: Reading Is Good will only detect books read from your inventory or placed in the world, not from containers! Make sure to take them out of containers first.

The leveling bonuses granted by the books depend on how many books you read in the corresponding skill as well as whether or not you have the Scholar's Insight ability from Black Book: The Winds of Change. The Scholar's Insight buff applies as long as you have the ability, and you can add and remove it any time. The bonuses are shown in the table below. The vanilla game contains 5 books for each skill, but other mods such as Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library can increase this number.

Books read        |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7+
Normal bonus      |  4% |  8% | 12% | 16% | 20% | 22% | 24%
Scholar's Insight |  8% | 16% | 24% | 32% | 40% | 44% | 48%

The bonuses for the first 5 books are slightly higher than the best case scenario of what you would normally gain by saving all your books until the end.

It's really easy, I promise!

  1. Install Reading Is Good using your mod manager. Place 'ReadingIsGood.esp' near the top of your load order (assign it to the Very Early Loaders group in LOOT).
  2. Download the xEdit Patcher and put it in the SSEEdit folder.
  3. If you have previously generated the patch, remove it from your load order.
  4. Run any other patchers (e.g. Mator Smash, Wrye Bash) now. 'ReadingIsGood.esp' can be excluded from these patches.
  5. Load your full load order in SSEEdit.
  6. Right-click anywhere in the plugin list, and choose "Apply script...".
  7. Select "ReadingIsGoodPatcher" from the dropdown, then click OK.
  8. Choose a name for the new patch (e.g. 'ReadingIsGoodPatch'), then click through the rest of the dialogs.
  9. Close SSEEdit, and make sure you save the new patch.
  10. Make sure the patch is enabled in your load order.

Script for zEdit users
vabatta has kindly ported the patcher script to zEdit. It can be downloaded here.


Remove the MCM
If you want to get rid of the MCM, remove the record _RIG_InfoQuest from the plugin.

Hide notifications
If you wish to hide notifications when you read a new skill book, set the global variable _RIG_ShowNotifications to 0.

Compatibility notes

  • Elegy - Incompatible or patch required. Contains functionality from Non-Auto Skill Books.
  • moreHUD / moreHUD Inventory Edition - Partially compatible. Skill books won't be able to display their corresponding skills.
  • Non-Auto Skill Books - Incompatible. Pick up book script interferes with RIG's scripts.
  • Sometimes Pick Up Books - Partially compatible. Picking up a book will be treated like reading it.
  • Unread Books Glow - Compatible.