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Don't save your skill books for later!

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This version of Reading Is Good supports Skyrim Special Edition and Skyrim VR for PC. If you need a non-SKSE version, see Reading Is Good (Legacy).

This mod reworks skill books so that instead of granting levels instantly, they give you a permanent boost to your leveling speed in the respective skill. This means that you benefit more by reading them as soon as you find them.

The leveling bonus is +4% for each book, which is doubled to +8% if you have the Scholar's Insight ability from Black Book: The Winds of Change. The Scholar's Insight buff applies while you have the ability, so it applies retroactively but you also need to keep it as long as you want to keep the extra bonus. The vanilla game contains 5 books for each skill, but since other mods such as Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library can increase this number, the leveling bonus will cap at 5 books for balance reasons. The Mod Configuration Menu has a status page that can tell you what your current bonuses are and which skill books you have read.

Reading Is Good can be installed on an existing save. It will automatically apply the bonuses for the skill books you read before installing.