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mnikjom AndrealphusVIII and piotrmil

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A collection of tweaks, enhancements and patches for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma.

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This mod is a collection of patches to Beyond Skyrim - Bruma. As time progresses, We will add more patches.

1. Unofficial Patch
This fixes several smaller bugs, both found in the CK as in xEdit. None of them are really harmful, but for completionist sake, I decided to correct them.

2. Beyond Reach (arnima) Patch
This patch resolves the conflicts in the music records. It also fixes some building meshes, however for this to work, you need to load BSHeartland.esm AFTER arnima.esm, otherwise you'll still have invisible buildings.

3. Campfire/Complete Crafting Overhaul/Immersive Armors Fur plate patch
This patch adds recipes to create an item called "Fur plate" from various animal pelts found in Cyrodiil. Bruma introduced several new pelts, making it difficult for above mods to create items needed for crafting. First and foremost, however, this patch renames them, so they are easierto recognise. So, a Wolf Pelt found on wolves in Bruma is now called Cyrodiilic Wolf Pelt.  

This patch, contrary to what you might think, DOES NOT require any of the above mods, but will work with any combination of them. That's because  CCORCampfire and IA all use the same base form of Fur Plate that gets injected into Update. That way, if one mods finds it, it automatically can use it. This patch also copies Campfire's and CCOR's globalValue settings (which are also injected). Thus, you can simply add it, and enjoy being able to craft fur plates in Bruma. 

This patch adds new recipe forms, so unless you know what you are doing, you should be careful when merging. 

4. Guard Cloaks
Adds cloaks for the guards of Bruma (see images).

5. iNeed
Patch for iNeed. Allows inkeepers to sell water refills from iNeed.

6. Less item weight
Reduces weight of almost ALL items from Beyond Skyrim - Bruma (minor items 0.1 and 0.2, rest of them cut by half).

7. SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators
Adds changes from SkyTEST to Bruma wolves.

8. TES V - Hunt of Hircine
A little patch for Hunt of Hircine.

9. VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE
Conflict resolution patch between VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE and Bruma.

AndrealphusVIII for permission to port Beyond Skyrim - Bruma - Tweaks Enhancements and Patches
Dark Creations: For their amazing work on Beyond Skyrim - Bruma
razorkid: for Beyond Reach
Chesko: for Campfire and Frostfall
Hothtrooper: for Immerisve Armors
Hoax2 (trebtreb): For Custom Sigils DIY
isoku: for iNeed
ff7legend: For updating the BSHeartland - Arnima Patch