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About this mod

A standalone female follower.

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About this mod:
This mod adds a standalone female follower to your game.
Dawnguard DLC
Dragonborn DLC
CBP Physics (Optional)

About this character:
"Nami is the cousin of Ki. During the Akaviri Invasion, the military campaign mounted by Uriel Septim V, many imperial soldiers have been sent to the frontier. The battle has taken countless brutal and unforgiven moments across the land of Akaviri, casualties are inevitable. Fortuitously, among all the mortalities, some have been enslaved instead. Mistakenly they were recognized as slaves of a local Akaviri Daimyo and these soldiers survived the Invasion. Our story didn’t end here. In the following years, due to the huge economic impact brought by fierce contests between the Tsaesci and the Ka Po’ Tun, all slaves within Akaviri are pardoned with the responsibility of paying taxes. Thus, in the land of Akaviri, a small settlement of “freemen” has been established. 
Wars never end, at least not during these chaotic years. The eruption of the Civil War brought the people of Tamriel to Akaviri once again. Two siblings of all those outlanders are lords of manors from Cyrodiil. One of them married Nami’s mother and became an owner of a farm. 
At the age of 12 for Nami, an unexpected ambush by some Tsaesci bandits turned up. All family members have been slaughtered, Nami found herself saved by Ki, the never-met cousin of her own. They lived together since then. 
The fate never turns aside, Ki’s parents are murdered by Tsaesci bandits just like Nami’s. With similar experiences, the mutual feelings have grown beyond boundary in every possible way. It didn’t take too long for them to figure out how close they are about to accept this illusory happiness despite their cousinship. With this concern in mind, Ki left a letter to Nami and went aboard. 
The promise in the letter is unfulfilled. Ki didn’t come back after 2 years like the letter stated. With a tiny hope of coming across her loved one, Nami set out to Tamriel on the morning of Suns Dawn.  
The land of Vvardenfell and Morrowind is not good enough to stay except she developed the great interest of the Dwemer Ruins. Nami then visited High Rock through Skyrim and traveled to Hammerfell a few months after. During the journey, Nami made a handful of friends and had a few dissatisfied romances. The memory of Ki just can’t fade out that easily for her.  
In 4e201, Nami moved on from Elinhir to Skyrim. Ahead of Nami’s destination, the fate finally constructed the path for her to meet the long-lost acquaintance."

Name: Nami (or 奈美 in kanji.)
Race: Cyro-Nord
Location: Silver-Blood Inn, Markarth
Body type: UNPB or CBBE
Weight: 0
Min Level: 1
Max Level: 60
Combat style: Witchblade
Specialty: One-handed, Light armor, Alteration and Destruction Magic (Frost).
Birth Sign: Mage (She is born with 50 extra magicka.)

Attributes gain by level(separated by percent)≈34%/51%/17%

She will gain more skill experience on Alteration compared to others, which will help her swiftly build up a high physical resistance when a combat starts.

How to install: 
Use NMM or MO.


Rudy enb
Face Light
Blades Sword and Scabbard 2K Rextexture

The Eyes Of Beauty
Fair Skin Complexion
01 Tintmasks
saLa Hair
CITRUS Heads (HD Meshes)
XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS
WetBumps 1 2 3 and gp
BodySlide and Outfit Studio
UNP Minidresses Collection
Adorable Face
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
KS Hairdos - Renewal

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