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Surreal ENB is my attempt to create a "Realistic" ENB. But its more of an "Realistic Fantasy" feel. After all this is a fantasy game so it fits quite well.

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Surreal ENB is a mix of realism and Fantasy. In other words i tried to make stuff realistic wile still having red "unrealistic but beautiful"  Sunsets. I will work for: NAT, Vivid Weathers, CoT, Dolomite, True Storms, Rustic Weathers, Mythical AgesAequinoctium and Obsidian. The Patches can be selected ingame ;) All the Screenshots above were taken with NAT and it also is the one i recommend the most for this ENB. It comes with an replacement for SSEs TAA so i recommend to disable it with this setup.

Thanks hodilton


1. Go to and download the latest ENB files for Skyrim SE
2. Open up the "WrapperVersion" folder inside the ZIP and extract the d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into your Skyrim SE main folder (were your game EXE file is)
3.Download my ENB form the file section and extract everything from inside the ZIP in the same folder.
4. Disable TAA in the Game options. This ENB ships with its own AA replacement that is more efficent
5. Hotkeys for ENB ingame are: End for ENB menu , PageUp to take a screenshot and PageDown to disable/enable the effect.
Once in the menu navigate to the enbeffect in the shaders section and select the weather you use.
Stuff like Letterbox can be disabled in the postpass menu.
6. Done ;) Enjoy


Reforged code by THE SANDVICH MAKER
Micro Bloom by Sonic Ether
ENB by Boris Vorontsov
Gaussian Bloom, Eye Adaptation and Color EQ by Prod80
UC2 code assembling by JawZ
ENBSMAA and Lut Code by kingeric1992
LumaSharp, Curves and Vibrance by
ADOF by Marty McFly

Special Thanks to:
L00: for Advice, Inspiration and general help
TreyM: Advice and Inspiration
Nimnim: Testing input :D