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This mod provides patches for Enchanting Freedom to work with mods that add new enchantments or allow previously locked enchantments.

Permissions and credits
This mod contains .esp's that modify enchantments brought by different mods. While it could have been entirely independent of Enchanting Freedom, I used some of the information to recreate the effect on new enchantments, so to give credit and provide continuity to the entire purpose of this mod, I consider it a patch more than anything, and therefore Enchanting Freedom is required. I cannot guarantee enchantments will work on items other than what the game/mod intended the enchantment to be on, but I have at least enabled the ability to try. This is a basic edit by a basic modder, if I can even call myself that, so I will not edit any enchantments beyond the worn requirements field. If an enchantment doesn't work, blame the original author and/or game.

CREDITS: All credit goes to the original authors:
missouridrifter for Enchanting Freedom and providing the formIDs I used on mod added enchantments.
sheepswirl for Build Your Own Unique. Enchanting and Disenchanting
EnaiSiaion and T3nd0 for Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim
EnaiSiaion for Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim
beagle547 for Infinite Arrows Enchantment and Boots of Speed Enchantment
scrapperrm for Dragonborn Disenchanting
Chuckg for Armor Rating Enchantment SE
GaigeTheMechromancer for Standing Stone Enchantments

I can add additional mods in the future, there aren't many mods that add enchantments so I don't expect to do so frequently. I can add mods by request, I've gotten most that use their own formIDs and that don't require contact before modifying. If you request a mod whose author did not specify permissions or requires consent to modify, I will attempt to contact the author before including a patch.

Simply download with NMM or MO, be sure to check/uncheck the .esp's relevant to mods you have installed.

This mod does not add any scripts, so there should be no issue uninstalling. Again, I am not fluent in modding, so I cant guarantee anything. My guess is that you should remove items that would normally not have the enchantment just in case.

There shouldn't be any issues, the only condition is if there is another mod altering the same enchantment as the patch.