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TTRSO is a minimalistic and modular skill overhaul aimed at balancing the vanilla skills while maintaining the vanilla feel.

Magic, Combat and Stealth skill trees have been balanced to offer meaningful choices with perks, spells and some mechanics.

A merged version is also available.

Permissions and credits
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TTR.S.O. is a minimalistic and modular skill overhaul aimed at balancing the vanilla skills while maintaining the vanilla feel. Magic, Combat and Stealth skill trees have been balanced to offer meaningful choices with perks, spells and some mechanics.

If you feel the vanilla Skyrim was doing a "good" job but was just missing something, this mod is for you. Overall, the game is gonna be a bit harder since I've fixed a lot of exploits, but it won't be overwhelming nor will prevent you from becoming a legend.

Each skill tree has its own ESP file so you can activate only the ones you want. For a description of almost all the changes made by this mod, you can consult the image section or the HTML version of this page. Highlighted parts show what changed from vanilla Skyrim. Notes are always new changes so I didn't highlighted them to avoid color oversaturation. Perks not present anymore in the skill trees have been modified to reflect the perks they have been replaced with. This will allow NPCs to benefit from those perks the same way you do yours.

2018-04-16: A new merged version with all DLCs is also available! Thanks Will58448

Main features
  • General: Minimalistic approach, stay true to vanilla Skyrim as much as possible
  • General: Balanced approach that offers more playstyles, overpowered skills were brought back in line while underpowered ones were buffed
  • General: The Magic, Combat and Stealth skill trees now have 100 perks each
  • General: Main perks of most skill tree scale according to your skills, no more flat 20% boost
  • General: Each type of armor (heavy, light and unarmored) have their own bonuses and drawbacks
  • General: Shouts can play a more important role but you have to invest yourself for that power
  • General: Unarmed damage has been given a boost
  • General: All the custom items/spells added by this mod are sold by a new merchant in The Frozen Heart inn (Winterhold)
  • General: Reset a perk tree whenever you want
  • Magic: Main perks from the magic schools now boost magnitude or duration
  • Magic: The master perk of each magic school now also affect dual casting (uniform 2.5x multiplier for cost, duration and magnitude)
  • Magic: It's not possible anymore to cast magic for free
  • Magic - Alteration: Equilibrium is now a "state" where your magicka is your health (akin to blood mages)
  • Magic - Alteration: Mage Armor spells now give less protection, but you keep your full magicka and stamina regeneration rates intact
  • Magic - Conjuration: Bound weapons have new abilities to make them as powerful as physical weapons
  • Magic - Conjuration: Reanimated bodies and conjured atronach will be more usefull to those dedicated to the art
  • Magic - Destruction: Most perks now have a chance to trigger instead of always doing so, making Destruction fun and not boring
  • Magic - Enchanting: Staves are now worth using if you're willing to invest some perks
  • Magic - Illusion: Build you character around Illusion and be a force to be reckoned with even past level 50
  • Magic - Restoration: Wards are now useful against any style of combat
  • Combat - Archery: Bows are now even deadlier than before, especially to the unsuspecting target
  • Combat - Block: Blocking is a bit less effective, but offers a bit more offensive
  • Combat - Heavy Armor: Most perks work as long as you wear at least 3 pieces of Heavy Armor
  • Combat - Heavy Armor: Gives the maximum protection, but comes at the cost of lower magicka and stamina regeneration rates
  • Combat - One-Handed: Perks have been streamlined by regrouping weapon types
  • Combat - Smithing: The reorganized tree offers you more choices about which perks you want to invest in
  • Combat - Smithing: "Infusion" perks allow you to craft equipment just as strong as Daedric and Dragon
  • Combat - Two-Handed: Perks have been streamlined by regrouping weapon types
  • Stealth - Alchemy: Reworked to match or surpass the power of existing potions and poisons while keeping balance
  • Stealth - Light Armor: Most perks work as long as you wear at least 3 pieces of Light Armor
  • Stealth - Light Armor: Give you less protection than Heavy Armor but the lower magicka and stamina regeneration rates are not as bad either
  • Stealth - Lockpicking: Those not dedicated enough will have a really hard time picking locks
  • Stealth - Pickpocket: Those not dedicated enough will have a much harder time in their endevour
  • Stealth - Sneak: Detection has been improved, light has a greater effect and NPCs will search for you longer
  • Stealth - Sneak: Sneak attack with two-handed weapons
  • Stealth - Speech: Shouts have perks to give longer duration, greater magnitude and lower cooldown
  • Stealth - Speech: Bartering is now more dependant on your speech skills

Installation and Requirements
-- Requirements --
  • Latest version of Skyrim
  • (optional) Dawnguard
  • (optional) Dragonborn
  • (optional) Heartfire

-- Install (auto) --
For an automatic install without risk of errors, I suggest you use the NexusModManager. Simply select the DLC you use, if any, click "Next" and select the skill trees you want to install.

-- Install (manual) --
For a manual install, extract the files from this mod and copy them to the appropriate folders. The important thing to remember is that each ESP is complete by itself, meaning you only need 1 ESP perk skill.

If you don't have any DLC, you should remove all files with suffixes (_DB, _DBDG, _DBDGHF, _DBHF, _DG, _DGHF, _HF).

If you use one or more DLCs, it's a bit more complicated as you need to keep the ones that "applies" to your situation. Each DLC has a suffix associated with it (DG:Dawnguard, DB:Dragonborn, HF:Heartfires) and you need to eliminate the ESPs you can't use by keeping the only file that match the right suffixes. For any combination of DLCs, there is only 1 ESP possible. If a skill doesn't have any ESP with the suffix for your DLC, that means the DLC has no impact on it and thus don't need to be part of the suffix for that skill.

When all is said and done, I suggest you remove the suffixes from the ESPs you install, meaning that "TTR_Skill_Overhaul_Sneak_DB.esp" would become "TTR_Skill_Overhaul_Sneak.esp". This will ensure a smoother upgrade to newer versions.

-- Built-in install/reset/uninstall quest --
There's a built-in quest to manage installation, reset and uninstallation of each module (ESP and ESM).

The first time you load your game, the install phase will automatically start after 5 seconds. Then, the reset phase will begin and each skill tree will be reset, giving you back all your perk points.

This will happen only once and it's necessary to have all the right settings. If a new version need some initializations, it will automatically reset only the required skill trees when you load your game the first time after an update.

If you want to manually reset a module to get back your perk points, open the console and type SetStage TTR_Reset_Module 50. Simply replace "Module" with the module you want to reset (Alteration, Archery, etc.). This can be done as many time as you want and you can find all the required commands in the TTR_Reset_Module.txt file included in this mod.

As a precaution while a module installs/resets itself, it would be wise to wait until the messages stops before doing anything.

The uninstall quest will be detailed further down.

-- The problem with Legendary skills and Dragonborn's "reset perks" option --
Unfortunately, legendary skills and Dragonborn's "reset perks" option don't reset everything correctly, even for the vanilla perks. You get back all your perk points, but some things aren't reset like your higher chance to find special treasure with Treasure Hunter. This means that after picking Tresure Hunter and use any of those 2 options to get back your perk points, you don't have to invest in this perk again to benefit from it... That's one of the reason why I included a built-in reset quest. Unfortunately, I couldn't reset everything either, but I take care of much more things than those 2 options do on their own.

To force a clean reset after using legendary skills or Dragonborn's "reset perks", simply save and reload your game. The reset quest will automatically start after 5 seconds, even if you used quick save/load functionality. If you don't want to save/reload, simply launch the reset manually with the console.

-- Uninstall --
To remove all traces of this mod from your save game (even the scripts), load your game and open the console. The command to launch the built-in uninstall quest is the same as with the reset quest, but you will use a stage of 100 instead of 50 (SetStage TTR_Reset_Module 100).

Do not forget to uninstall the ESM module, it's very important.

When you're done, save your game in a new slot, quick saves won't work.

Finally, close your game and use the uninstall function of the NexusModManager or manually delete all the files of this mod. Be sure you're not in The Frozen Heart inn (Winterhold) when doing so because there's a custom merchant there.

If you change your mind after uninstalling my mod, you can re-install it following the "install" section and then launching the built-in install quest. While the reset quest used stage 50 and the uninstall quest used stage 100, the install quest use stage 0 (SetStage TTR_Reset_Module 0). Quite simple isn't it?

If for any reason you have a problem after uninstalling this mod, try to install the ESM module only and this should solve the problem. I'm pretty confident this won't be necessary.

  • Obviously, this mod will conflict with other perk mods. Fortunately, this mod is modular so you can decide which modules you want
  • Ace - Combat Skills: There's a weapon speed fix included in the "Melee" module that will conflict with my mod. To disable ACE's weapon speed fix, simply open the console and type "set WeaponSpeedBaseFix to 0"

Future plans
  • none

I would like to thank all the mod authors out there for their work, they have inspired me countless times. I would extend a special thanks to:

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