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A custom follower using the ROSE open-source voice set by the awesome Kikiapplus. She comes with a quest, marriage, location-aware comments, her own follower system, custom spells, and a unique outfit.

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Lilissa Snowflower is a Bosmer priestess of Kynareth, wandering Skyrim in search of adventure, wisdom, or at least some impressive sights. She's got a journal in her inventory if you want to read a little about her latest venture. In brief, she is currently at the Eldergleam Sanctuary, but is beginning to find the place a little boring, and wouldn't mind resuming her journeys if the right companion came along.

Dreamy and sensitive to beauty, Lilissa feels equally comfortable at court and in Skyrim's most remote hideaways. If you recruit her, she will follow you anywhere, spells and mace at the ready.

For Lilissa in Oldrim, click here.

Watch a video review of ver. 1.0 here, thanks a million to Chaos_Hellfire/Ikari! (The Lilissa part starts at 5:32.)


  • A custom voice set with well over a hundred location-aware comments. Talk to her while in town, out exploring, orrelaxing at an inn - she might have something new to say! Her voice set is an open-source asset by Kikiapplus - see link in the Credits section.
  • Starting in ver. 2.0, she has a quest that starts a few days after you recruit her, and another, hidden bonus mini-quest to upgrade her spells. See "Starting the quests" for details.
  • Starting in ver. 2.0, she is essential and marriable. For more information, see "Romance/marriage".
  • Her own follower system. She ignores your friendly fire and doesn't count against the follower limit, so you can have her tag along with any other followers. you might be using. If you tell her to wait, she will stay put indefinitely.
  • A custom outfit, based on meshes and textures listed in the Credits section, recoloured by me. If you want to change her outfit, use a follower management mod like Amazing Follower Tweaks.
  • Custom spells, including a slightly stronger version of Spriggan Spray, and the ability to summon a bear, a spriggan, and optionally also a spriggan matron that levels with the player. Her summons are toggled off by default - talk to her about her spells if you want to enable them.
  • If you do her bonus mini quest, she will learn to cast Voice of the Sky(the blessing you get in vanilla game after visiting all the shrines on the way to High Hrothgar). Talk to her if you want animals to leave you alone for 24 h real time!
  • A teleport spell to bring her back if she gets lost. To acquire the spell, look for the "Call Lilissa" spellbook in Lilissa's inventory.
  • NEW: For an all-new, beautiful 3BA or CBBE Special look and outfit, try Lilissa The Druid Replacer by coldsun1187!


Eldergleam Sanctuary

Starting the quests

O Sister Where Art Thou - starts automatically approximately 3 days after you first recruit her.

Bonus mini quest - this one is hidden and has no journal entry. Take Lilissa on a pilgrimage up the 7000 steps and make sure to activate every shrine / Etched Tablet along the way. (There are 10 altogether.) After you do them all, talk to Lilissa while at the tenth shrine.


After you do Lilissa's main quest (O Sister Where Art Thou), talk to her  while wearing an Amulet of Mara. You can tell her you like her, or let her know you're not interested... or you can get last-minute jitters and postpone the conversation (the dialogue option to start the romance will disappear for 24 hours). Telling Lilissa that you like her will make your character and Lilissa romantically involved, but not married yet. (And in fact you can start the romance even if you're already married to someone else.)

If you decide to marry Lilissa, talk to her about it. You won't be able to marry her if you're already married to someone else, though.

While in the dating stage, you can break off the romance at any time and she will take it pretty well, all things considered, but you won't be able to romance her again.

Upgrading to ver. 2.0

Because of the way Skyrim handles quests, you will have issues with Lilissa if you upgrade on an existing playthrough - the quest aliases may not populate
and the new dialogue and quests won't be available. To prevent this, I recommend that you update on a new playthrough. If you want to update mid-playthrough, you can try doing the following steps:

  • Dismiss Lilissa (IMPORTANT: if you gave her any items that you want to keep, retrieve them before dismissing her or they will be lost!).
  • Go to a different location, for example, an interior or somewhere far across the map, and wait or sleep for 24 hours.
  • Save your game using a regular save slot, not quicksave or autosave.
  • Quit to desktop.
  • Uninstall Lilissa completely.
  • Load the save you made in step 3.
  • Save your game again, using a regular save slot as before.
  • Quit to desktop.
  • Install Lilissa ver. 2.0.
  • Load the save you made in step 7 and recruit Lilissa again. She will be back at Eldergleam Sanctuary. You won't have the teleport spell anymore, so you'll have to go to her location and recruit her. There will be a new, short recruitment dialogue, after which she'll be available as a follower.

Other notes

Lilissa uses the CBBE Curvy body and Fair Skin Complexion textures. Her outfit is technically playable, but will use Lilissa's body and textures where applicable, so it might not look right on your player character.

Her fighting style is Spellsword-like. At very low levels, she mainly uses Oakflesh and Spriggan Spray. As she gains levels, she'll start to heal herself, cast lightning spells, and summon a levelled bear. She also has a mace and knows how to use it if needed.

She has the Light Foot perk.

She levels with the player and has no min or max level limit. Her summons also level with the player - they start weaker than vanilla, but will become more powerful as you level.


Install with a mod manager.

If you want to install manually, unpack to Data folder as usual.


Uninstall with a mod manager.

If you want to uninstall manually, remove all the files and folders that came with this mod.

Compatibility notes

Fully compatible with Simple NPC Outfits.

Should be compatible with Amazing Follower Tweaks, Extensible Follower Framework, and My Home is Your Home. (I haven't tested them specifically, but Lilissa uses the same framework as my other follower mods, which were confirmed  compatible.)

Generally compatible with Nether's Follower Framework, with the following caveats:

  • If she doesn't follow after you import her into the framework, try deactivating the Default Follow Package option under Follower Tweaks (a.k.a. Lilissa's own follow AI) and let her use Nether's follower package.
  • If you can't dismiss her correctly after you import her into the framework, remove her from the framework before you dismiss her.

Possible minor incompatibility
with Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks SE - a user reported that the Change Outfit option from IAFT doesn't work on Lilissa.
May NOT be compatible with mods that edit the Alchemist Shack location, especially the area close to the cliff in the back.

If you find any incompatibilities, let me know!


2.0, 2020-08-22 - Made Lilissa essential. Added option to date and marry Lilissa. Added a quest and a bonus mini-quest. Added the option for Lilissa to summon more creatures. It's also possible to toggle individual summons on and off. Made Lilissa's chatter less frequent. Lilissa's power to calm animals is now only available after you do the bonus mini-quest. Fixed minor eye glitch. Ran through Cathedral Assets Optimizer.
1.0, 2018-06-16 - Initial release.

Credits - assets

Kikiapplus for the ROSE and TEMPEST voice sets from Custom Voice Types for Followers
Crimson Nirnroot for the Druid's Ear meshes and texture from CN Accessories
SagittariusMoon and Intracloud Productions for the trousers and vest from Caravanserai Wardrobe (Extended)
nuska for head mesh from Ethereal Elven Overhaul
Caliente for the CBBE Curvy body from Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
Kalilies and Stealthic for the Venus hair from KS Hairdos - Renewal
HHaleyy for various textures from Fair Skin Complexion
Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam for eye textures from The Eyes Of Beauty
Hello Santa for eyebrows from SG Female Eyebrows
XarathosHawke for warpaint and makeup from Kai's Makeup and Warpaints
Aydoo for warpaint and makeup from WellGram Warpaints - RaceMenu Overlay Plugin 2.0

Credits - tutorials

Without these excellent tutorials and tips, I would've been lost.

General instructions on adding a vanilla-voiced follower

Make a follower with a face you made in RaceMenu
Make your RaceMenu follower standalone (video tutorial)
Make a custom framework for your follower
Add custom voice
Make a summoning spell for your follower
Make a custom creature summon
Convert your Oldrim follower to SE (video link)

Credits - screenshots

I used the following mods for my screenshots:

Druid Essentials - Armour and location
Face Light - For better face lighting
Arsenic Pose - Poser mod

If there's anything I missed, let me know!

Credits - other

Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit
LHammonds for the Readme Generator

Tools used

BSA Unpacker
Creation Kit
NPC Nif Merge
Readme Generator
Cathedral Assets Optimizer


You can do whatever you want with this mod as long as it stays free and on the Nexus. Some assets I used were shared by their authors on the condition that they are never uploaded to other websites or used in paywalled mods.

All voice, mesh and texture assets in this mod were made by other people. If you want to use the files I modified, that's fine with me, but please make sure to credit the original authors. Credit me as well if you want, that would be nice!

See my profile for other mods!