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This is an up to date port of the latest version of Warmonger Armory from LE to SSE. It includes fixes for all the little things in the mod and should be fully functional.

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This mod is a port of the original Warmonger Armory by Batmanna and from this sticky comment at the top of the page I am assuming I have permission to port this over. If Batmanna himself asks for it to be taken down I will happily do so. This older port did the job however it had quite a few bugs and is outdated, my version involves a single ESP and quite a few bugfixes.

You can see what the mod adds on its own mod page. What I have done is this:
- Merged all the ESPs into one ESP (this includes the leveled list ESP)
- Fixed the capital letters and grammar of some item names
- Fixed enchantment magnitudes of all the mage robes it includes, to add scaling to Novice, Expert and Master robes
- Fixed a few other little things, look at the changelog for the minor details

Highly recommended to use this with USSEP otherwise some mask enchantments on the belt may be different to the actual mask as I've forwarded USSEP's mask enchantment changes to the belt masks. Specifically Morokei's Mask. Also because USSEP is just essential in general.

To install this use a mod manager of any kind, I highly recommend MO2.

Manual Installation (not recommended for modding in general) is simple:
1. Extract the zip
2. Put the files inside into your Data folder
3. Activate the ESP in the launcher
4. Hey presto you're done!

This mod should be compatible with most mods apart from the following:

- Mods that affect the same leveled lists - Just use a bashed/smashed patch to fix this - If using a bashed patch then you will have to generate bash tags through xEdit. I highly recommend moving onto the new MatorSmash though as it is a far more effective tool and you don't have to worry about bash tags.

- Mods that affect Dragon Priest masks - The belt masks will not have the same enchantments as the modded masks. This is an easy patch to make so I can easily make one if you point out the mod in comments - Improved Dragon Priest Masks Patch -> here thanks to Skullface90

- Mods that affect Warlock and Necromancer Robes - I am not completely sure about this but they will probably conflict due to the changes made in Batmanna's leveled lists ESP but again I can probably make a patch if you just point out the mod in comments.

Obviously the credits go to Batmanna for making this mod in the first place - Here's the original Classic mod
Thanks to Mator for his merged plugins script for xEdit - Much better than Merge Plugins in some cases
Thanks to Ousnius for his SSE nif Optimizer - Really useful for fixing broken meshes/textures