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SSE NIF Optimizer
- a tool to optimize Skyrim NIFs for SSE -


This is a tool for mod authors to optimize old Skyrim meshes into the new SSE format and fix issues with them on the way.

Make sure to create backups of your NIFs beforehand!
Don't run it on your entire meshes folder at once either.

Use the head parts option on ONLY head parts, without exception!
So it's better to temporarily copy/paste all those heads, eyes, hairs to a separate folder for optimization.
Things like helmets are regular meshes, not head parts.

If a NIF is already in the SSE format, the tool optimizes them as well.
Note that SSE-formatted NIF files do NOT work in the old Skyrim any longer.

To view the new NIF format in NifSkope, you will need the very latest version currently found here:
NifSkope releases by jonwd7

Please let me know if there are any problems with a NIF and if possible, provide the files before and after optimization.
If this tool helped you with your mod, it would be cool if you could give it credits, but that's not required of course. :)

For the source code, you can check out the BodySlide and Outfit Studio repository on GitHub instead.
They share the same functionality with the exception of the UI.

What it does:

  • Optimizes NIFs to the new SSE format (BSTriShape, changes to NiSkinPartition).
  • Optimizes head parts to BSDynamicTriShape (separate checkbox).
  • Triangulates the geometry and skin partitions.
  • Cleans up the NiSkinData (source for vertex weights that are unused in-game).
  • Calculates new bounding spheres for geometry and all of the bones.
  • Adds tangents to all meshes that need them.
  • Removes normals and tangents from all meshes that don't need them, such as body meshes.
  • Removes all-white vertex colors from meshes.
  • Renames all meshes that have the same name, since they need to be unique.
  • Cleans up the header strings.
  • Deletes all blocks that aren't referenced somewhere within the root node tree.
  • All of this results in a hopefully working NIF that's cleaned up and smaller in file size.
  • Works on NIFs that already are in the SSE format as well.


This can't and doesn't need to be installed with a mod manager, as it is a utility for modders.
Simply download the archive, extract the executable and run it, then follow on-screen instructions.


There's no uninstallation process, simply delete the executable from your computer.


jonwd7 - For assistance with the format and general help.