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Scoped Bows Remixed meshes designed for VR.

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Remixed meshes for Scoped Bows for hardcore bow sniper VR action. Moves the reticles to be in front and rear, so you can actually line up a shot. See pictures.

Full Version released. All bows, advanced bows and bound bows included.
Updated to fix issue with VRIK.
Added version that removes lenses from the scopes for better aiming experience.

For left handed meshes check out the Lefty version by FlawlessSin.


  • Download Scoped Bows SE with Vortex/NMM/MO2/manually.
  • Install it.
  • Download this mod.
  • Install this one too and load it after Scoped Bows SE so the original meshes are overridden.
  • Check your fBowHoldOffsetY value, recommended value is: -6.6
  • Go adventuring!
  • Upgrade your bows!
  • Enjoy!
  • Leave feedback.

Compatibility: Unique uniques's Angi's bow has issues. Invisible most of the time. Needs to be taken a look how to fix. Probably load ScopedVR after it?
If aim is off, check your VRIK settings in the mod configuration menu and try disabling "Adjust Held Weapons Position".