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Switches the scope to the opposite side, making it suitable for left handed use

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This mod is a version of Scoped Bows VR Remix by Ajantaju, designed for left handed players. If you like it please be sure to go and endorse their mod (as well as the original both of ours are based off of!), as they've done most of the legwork, all i've done is slightly realign the sights and mirror them to the opposite side of the bow.

Main Priority right now are Bound and High level bows. Bound bows are proving to be difficult because of the spectral effects, but I should have them up soon.


1. Download & Install Scoped Bows SE (Go endorse them if you like this!)

2.  Download & Install this if you haven't, replacing all files from above.

 2a. if you get errors installing it via Mod manager, just download it manually and put the meshes folder in your skyrim VR data folder and replace all files.

3. Enjoy :)

To do:
Test Bow sights
Add Bound Bow
Hunting/Steel Bow - Not Started
Uniques - Not started.