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Replaces the Standard Perk tree with a new double sided perk tree with 20+ perks to purchase from either side. Includes 3 new Howls that are used with the newly added perk tree, as well as the ability to change howls without obtaining the totems. Some perks add additional functionality to feeding, allowing it to be useful after all perks are earned

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Updates will hit the Oldrim version first, and will eventually get moved over.
What this mod does
Expands upon the standard werewolf perk tree, and adds a new perk tree that you can go down.
Adds 3 new Howls that are used by the new perk tree.
Adds perks that give additional benefits from feeding.
A later perk allows you to interact with most objects in werewolf form.
Moonlight Tales SE should now be fully compatible, as long as it is lower in the load order.
Will conflict with other Werewolf Perk Tree mods.
May conflict with mods that modify werewolf feeding.
Everything else is likely fine.
Use NMM to download and install
Extract files to your Skyrim directory, this should put the ESP and BSA into the Data folder.
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New Features
Both trees have a total of 30 spendable perks currently.
Most perks from the Lupine Tree (the new one) benefit both forms (Humanoid and Werewolf).
Perks from the Hircine Tree (the old one) are focused on the beast form, though a few benefit both.
Later perks give you a small chance to increase your attributes when feeding, increased chance with higher player level and more werewolf perks unlocked. A more detailed explanation of all the perks can be found in the Perk Rundown Section.
Lupine Feeding
Lupines feed on the sorrows of the dead, this process deals damage to them, but is the only way for them to progress through their perk tree. This feeding or Purification allows them to obtain knowledge attached to said sorrows, later on allowing them to progress through their skills among other things.
New Howls
Upon selecting the tree you desire to progress along, you will be given an ability allowing you to choose the howls respective to that tree, the Hircine tree has the vanilla howls, with a few caveats added by some of the new perks. The Lupine tree features 3 new howls that influence the world around them. . The following are the howls added by the Lupine tree. 

Howl of the Tempest
Inflicts minor shock damage in a large area, with a small chance to paralyze targets in the area of effect.

Howl of Cursed Earth
Inflict Major damage to Stamina and Magicka in a large area, a later perk increases the damage done as well as applying a slow effect.

Howl of Prismagine Blur
Gives the user invisibility for a short period. A small chance that those in its area of influence will go into a frenzied state.

Equip the Choose Howl power and use it to select the howl you wish to use.

Archival Siphon
This is the biggest benefit one can gain from the Lupine Tree, this perk allows the player to gain skill increases when feeding. Comes in three levels, each level giving you an additional roll at a skill increase. The chance is determined by both the Players level and the amount of werewolf perks they have earned. Archival Siphon focuses on three skills of your choice when it chooses what skill to increase when you feed. You can choose the skills it selects with the Choose Archival Skills power added when you purchase the perk.

Unique Equipment
A later perk allows the user to create a special piece of equipment used by their werewolf form, offering a unique benefit. The equipment comes in a vanilla shape, La Femme Lycanna shape, and an invisible version if you do not like how they look. The armors are automatically equipped when you transform, after you have purchased the perk that allows you to craft them at a forge.

The Hircine Tree equipment offers your werewolf form 25% damage reflection.

The Lupine Tree equipment offers your werewolf form increased armor and either a bonus to health regeneration in the day, or a boost to howl recovery at night.

Attribute Boost
In the later perks, you have a chance to increase your attributes (Health, Stamina, and Magicka) when feeding. Chance is based upon character level and werewolf perks earned. The chance is much lower than that of Archival Siphon. You can purchase perks that increase the boost to the attributes, up to 5 in each. Another perks also increases carry weight when you gain attributes when feeding.

Digging as a Werewolf
When you are in werewolf form, you can now look at the ground and dig for items once every six hours. Item obtained vary in quality and rarity. Common items include Ores and Bones, but occasionally you may find Gemstones or Gear buried in the earth.

My Other Mods

Recommended Mods
Moonlight TalesSE - Adds a lunar transformation system and some useful options to anyone doing a werewolf play through. Place Lupine Werewolf Perk Expansion below it in load order and it should work properly.

La Femme Lycanna SE - Adds a female mesh for the werewolf, does not work with Moonlight Tales SE Skin System on its own however.

Moonlight Tales - Le Femme Lycana Patch - Allows Le Femme Lycanna to work with Moonlight Tales SE.

Perk Rundown
Perk descriptions and which tree they belong to

Lupine Formae - Lupine Tree Startpoint
This perk changes the way you feed as a werewolf, and increases your movement speed by 10% in werewolf and humanoid form, this perk is required to traverse down the Lupine tree, and once this is purchased you cannot purchase the following perk Hircine's Dog.

Hircine's Dog - Hircine Tree Startpoint
This perk functions as the entry point for the Hircine perk tree, it also increases your health in werewolf and humanoid form by 50. This perk is required to traverse down the Hircine tree, and once purchased excludes you from purchasing Lupine Formae.

Bestial Strength and Vanilla Perks - Hircine Tree
These perks function similarly to how they do in the vanilla game, Bestial Strength gives the same damage boost and savage feeding allows you to feed on Non-Undead corpses (excluding spriggans) and the Howl Perks give the same boosts. Most of the Hircine Tree Perks are connected through these perks.

Lupine Strength - Lupine Damage Boost 2-Tiers
These perks are focused around giving the player increased damage in werewolf form. First tier offers 20% Damage Increase. Second Tier offers 40% Damage increase and 50 Bonus Health in werewolf form.

Silent as the Night - Lupine Stealth Perk
Reduces the noise made in both werewolf and human form. Werewolf form gains 70% reduced noise, and human gains 20% reduced noise.

Totem of Oblivion - Howl of the Pack Passive Bonus
This perk follows after the Vanilla Howl of the Pack perks, offering 150 Increased Armor Rating and 100 Health Bonus to werewolf form when your active howl is Howl of the Pack.

Totem of Bloodshed - Howl of Fear Passive Bonus
This perk follows after the Totem of Terror perk, offering a 50% increase to damage in werewolf form when active howl is Howl of Fear. (Multiplicative Stack)

Archival Siphon - Lupine Skill Progression Perk 3-Tiers
This perk can be purchased after Lupine Strength or Silent as the Night. Offers a small chance to have a skill-up on Purifying (Feeding). Chance is based on player level and total werewolf perks earned. Each tier offers an additional "roll" at gaining a skill-up.

Blood of Nirn - Lupine Healing Perk
This perk allows your beast form to heal passively, helping to offset the disadvantage of losing health from purifying. Also increases health regeneration in human form by 50%.

Inviolfur - Hircine Werewolf Armor Increase
This perk causes your pelt to become diffusive to blows, increasing armor rating in werewolf form by 250. Simple but effective.

Infernal Flesh - Hircine Werewolf Frost Resistance
This perk influences the makeup of the flesh your werewolf form has, increasing Frost Resistance by 33% (and frost slow resistance).

Supercharged Wail - Lupine Howl of the Tempest Buff
This perk increases the effectiveness of the Howl of the Tempest, doubling the chance that anyone under the effect will be paralyzed. Also increases the damage they take on paralysis.

Vines of Sorrow - Lupine Howl of Cursed Earth Buff
This perk increases the effectiveness of the Howl of Cursed Earth, increasing the amount of stamina and magicka drained by a massive amount. Also slows enemies in its area of effect significantly for a while.

Blood of the Abomination - Hircine Fire Resistance
You take upon yourself the Blood of the Lycanthropic Abomination, granting you 33% Fire Resistance in werewolf and human form. "Your blood may boil, but it always was."

Daedric Strength - Carry Weight Buff
You feel you can handle a much greater load in your human form thanks to the blessings of Lord Hircine, your carry weight is increased by 100 in werewolf and human form. Strength to carry more prey.

Echo of the Howl - Lupine Shout Recovery and Magicka Cost Buff 2-Tiers
Decreases Shout and Howl recovery time in werewolf and human form by 10% per Tier. Also reduces magicka cost in human form by the same amount. "If you listen closely, you can gain company in isolation from your own voice."

Unseen Swiftness - Lupine Minor Speed Buff
Grants a 5% increase to your movement speed in werewolf and human form. You also gain an additional 10% movement speed as a werewolf if the sun is set.

Insight of the Passed - Lupine Well Rested Feeding Effect
Upon a purification you gain 15% increased skill progression, similar to the bonus added by Rested, Well Rested, and Lovers Comfort. "The dead speak their legacy."

Strength of the Pack - Lupine Carry Weight and Stamina Buff
You gain 75 Increased carry weight in werewolf and human form, and your stamina is increased by 50. "Unseen friends bear the load, long past, but not forgotten."

Purifying Blood - Lupine Toxin Immunity 
Your experience resisting the influence of Hircine allows you to filter toxins from your blood, giving you a 100% Resistance to Poison in werewolf and human form. "The blood carries with it a certain weight, subtly modified by the mentality of the host."

Prismagine Follicles - Lupine Armor Buff and Magic Resistance 2-Tiers
The effects of absorbing such sorrow has wrought an unusual modification to your biology, your hairs appear to have been infused with prismagine, a mysterious material associated with the Lupine. First tier gives your werewolf form a 150 Increase to Armor Rating. Second Tier Gives a 20% Resistance to Magic Damage for human and werewolf form. "Glimmering and prismatic, the hair reflects light and blows alike."

Eyes of the Wolf - Werewolf World Interaction
This perk is available to both perk trees once they have purchased all the perks in each respectively. Allows the player to interact with most things in werewolf form. (Equipping weapons is not a great idea however) This perk is required to gain any of the further perks.

Strength of the Past - Feeding Attribute Increase Chance
This perk gives you a very small chance to gain increases to Health, Stamina, and Magicka. Chance is based on player level and total werewolf perks earned. Default gain is 1 on a successful roll, but this is increased with the Consumption Brings Power Perk. "The dead serve new purpose."

Consumption Brings Power - Feeding Attribute Increase Amount Buff 4-Tiers
You gain an increased amount on a successful attribute increase from feeding. Each Tier increases the amount by 1, up to 5. "What was left behind determines what you have gained."

Canid Fortitude - Attribute Increase Affects Carry Weight
When you gain Health, Stamina, and Magicka from the effects of Strength of the Past, you also gain that amount in carry weight. This takes Consumption Brings Power into consideration.

The Lost Art - Werewolf Equipment Crafting and Equipping
Allows you to craft a special piece of gear shaped for your beast form. Both trees have a unique piece of equipment in three styles, Vanilla, La Femme, and Invisible. The Hircine Equipment Offers 25% Damage Reflection, and the Lupine Equipment Offers 100 Armor Rating and a varying bonus depending on the time of day. The equipment is auto-equipped on transform after you have purchased the perk and crafted it.

Version 1.1 Perks
These are the Perks added in Version 1.1, and are the furthest down the line.

Shredder from Oblivion - Hircine Werewolf Ascension
Your claws are modified by the influence of Lord Hircine, granting a 50% increase to damage in werewolf form (Multiplicative Stack). This perk is required for any further Hircine Perks.

Aspect of Quell - Hircine Werewolf Stamina Regeneration Buff
Your werewolf stamina regeneration is tripled by the aspect of the Lupine Hunter Quell. "My prey may run, but they can never escape."

Treacherous Path - Lupine Movement Speed Buff
Another further increase to your move speed, you gain an additional 10% increase to werewolf and human form, totaling 25% with all prior perks. This perk is required for any further Lupine Perks. "The hunters pursue, we must be many steps ahead if we wish to escape."

Aspect of Sorrow - Lupine Magicka Absorption and Magic Resistance Buff
An aspect from the Lupine Alpha Sorrow, grants you a 10% Magicka Absorption effect in human form and a 10% Magic Resistance buff to werewolf form. "A Lupine is to sorrow as Imperials are to Coin, wherever they find it they find more."

Aspect of Abomination - Hircine Werewolf Fire and Frost Immunity
An aspect gained from the Lycanthropic Abomination grants you Maximum resistance to Fire and Frost damage in werewolf form.

Aspect of the Hungering Maw - Hircine Werewolf Armor Penetration
An aspect gained from the Hungering Maw within the Hunting Grounds, its claws cut through armor the same as flesh. Grants your werewolf form 100% Armor Penetration. "His hunger has no compare, a glutton with the tools to consume all."

Aspect of Empathy - Lupine Barter Buff
An aspect from the Lupine Alpha Empathy, making prices 20% more favorable to you when trading in human form. "Sorrow my dear, can you not see the pains of others..."

Aspect of the Betrayed - Lupine Damage Reflection Buff
An aspect gained from the mysterious Lupine branded as "The Betrayed", granting a 15% damage reflection effect in human and werewolf form. " I will haunt that Daedra to the ends of Oblivion for what he did."