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Guarantees Critical Hits. Separate effect from food and potions so that mod authors can use it independently without altering food and potions effects. Not bound to weapon data, thus works on any weapons including modded ones. Now in .esl format so that it doesn't take a normal .esp mod slot.

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Simply adds a magic effect and a perk that guarantees critical hits for a set duration.

I have redone the file and made it into an .esl file which means that it no longer take up one of the 255 loaded mod slots for standard .esp and .esm files. I have also added a new food item called "Magic Baked Potato" that gives the effect if you don't want to go fiddling with XEdit. Unfortunately, this potato does not give survival mode bonuses. No vanilla edits were made, so anything is compatible with this mod.

You can craft the new potato at any cooking station with a baked potato, a daedra heart, 1 unit of void salts and a salt pile.

Previous version stuff:

I created this mod to mirror some of the food buff effects from Final Fantasy XV. Skyrim was only missing the critical chance modifier, so I decided to add one.