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A collection of tweaks, bug fixes and new features for the CC Survival mode.

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The CC Survival Mode has a major issue with regard to the weapon speed penalties resulting from hunger.  Specifically, if you are using a mod that applies an attack speed fix, then these penalties become a huge buff instead.  Since I do use an attack speed fix mod, I needed to fix this problem before I could use Survival Mode.  Once I dove in to do that I started coming up with other ideas to tweak how the Survival Mode mechanisms work.  This mod is a collection of these ideas bundled together into one mod.

The configuration settings exposed in the MCM are saved to an external file using the PapyrusUtil SE utility. You will find them in the file <SSE>\Data\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\SurvivalConfig.json. These settings will be automatically carried forward whenever you start a new game.

Each feature implemented by this mod may be individually toggled on or off in the MCM. Below is a description of these features.


This mod adds thirst as a basic need. It works in a very similar way as hunger in Survival Mode. As time passes you become thirsty, and if you are running, sprinting or in combat your thirst increases a bit faster. Jugs of water or milk may be purchased from innkeepers, and refilled with water at a well. If you are thirsty, then your speech skills will be degraded and the time it takes to recover from shouting will be increased. The more thirsty you are the more severe these penalties get.  Thirst is an optional feature that may be toggled on or off at any time via the MCM.

Hybrid Configurations

As of version 2.1.0 you may now individually turn on and off each of the four basic needs. This allows for the possibility of using parts of the CC Survival Mode with other popular immersion mods. For example, if you prefer Frostfall to the Survival Mode cold implementation then you can use the MCM to disable the cold mechanism, but keep exhaustion, hunger and thirst active. Frostfall will handle the cold, and Survival Mode will handle the rest. Alternatively, if your preference is to use iNeed or RND then you can use the MCM to disable exhaustion, hunger and thirst, but keep cold active. Survival Mode will manage the cold and iNeed or RND will handle the rest.

Attack Speed Fix

By default Skyrim sets the actor values WeaponSpeedMult and LeftWeaponSpeedMullt to zero.  In survival mode, when you become Peckish from hunger it hits you with a 30% reduction in weapon speed.  The way it does this is by adding 0.7 to these two actor values, because a value of 0.7 means you are only 70% as fast at swinging your weapons.  If you have an attack speed fix mod, however, then these actor values have a baseline value at or near 1.0.  When survival adds 0.7 to penalize you for being Peckish, the result is a weapon speed of 1.7, meaning that your attack speed is now 70% faster than normal.

This mod fixes the problem by providing two separate implementations of the weapon speed penalties.  The first one mirrors the default by adding 0.7 for Peckish and 0.6 for Hungry, Famished and Starving.  The alternate method subtracts 0.3 or 0.4 for these hunger states.  Which mode you get depends on whether or not you check the box in the MCM to indicate if you have an attack speed fix mod enabled or not.  I do not attempt to detect this automatically.  You have to specify which mode you want in the MCM.

More Gradual Penalties

The various penalties for hunger, cold and exhaustion seemed to hit the player rather suddenly, in my opinion.  I thought it might be better to have them take effect more gradually.  Therefore, for each of the possible penalties that can come from Survival Mode I subdivided them into 5 steps equally spaced across the need value range.  Sticking with the hunger example I was using above, this means that when you first become Peckish (hunger value = 160) your weapon speed will be reduced by 6% to 0.94.  As you progressively become more hungry this value will go to 0.88, 0.82, 0.76 and finally to 0.7 when you are nearing the transition from Peckish to Hungry (hunger value = 340).  The transitions are equally spaced across the hunger value range from 160 to 340.  Similarly, as you progress from Hungry to Famished (hunger value = 520) your weapon speed will be further reduced in five steps of 0.02 until you reach 0.6.

I hope that description was clear enough.  I suppose I could provide a graph if people want to see that.  At any rate, I did the same thing for each of the penalties imposed by hunger, cold and exhaustion, so that they kick in more gradually but end up at the same magnitude as the default.  The MCM allows you to toggle these modified penalties for hunger, cold and exhaustion individually.  If you toggle them off then you will get the default behavior.

Hunger Restoration

When you eat or drink food that has been properly configured for Survival Mode, your hunger value will be reduced by one of four possible amounts.  These are named large (380 hunger points), medium (220), small (18) and very small (2).  I felt that the small and very small amounts were too low to be useful at all, so I added sliders to the MCM to adjust these values.  Normally, I leave the large and medium amounts alone and raise the small and very small amounts to more meaningful values.  This feature can be toggled off in the MCM if you prefer to use the default values.

Camping Experience

When you sleep outdoors you don't get as restful a sleep as when you sleep in an inn or in your own bed.  This seems somewhat reasonable, but I felt that as my character got more experience with camping he should gradually get a more restful sleep.  So, I added a feature that provides a bonus rest value based on how many nights I have slept outdoors.  The way it works is that you get one point of camping experience each time that you sleep for 6 or more hours outdoors without being interrupted.  If bandits or predators attack and wake you up prematurely then you don't get credit for that night.

When you wake up the Survival Mode scripts will reduce your exhaustion value to approximately 160  (in an inn it will be reduced all the way to zero).  This mod will then apply an extra reduction equal to your camping experience value times a multiplier value that you get to set in the MCM.  If you want each point of camping experience to count for 1.5 reduction in exhaustion then set the multiplier to 1.5.  Using this value you can tune the effect to your tastes.  You can also use a toggle setting in the MCM to completely turn this mechanism off.

NPC Carry Weight

I find that I like the challenge of having a reduced carry weight.  Survival Mode applies a -150 penalty to this value for the player, but does not do the same for any other NPC in the game.  This does not seem fair, and it allows you to use your followers as pack mules to get around the intent of Survival Mode.  This mod adds a feature that will apply the same -150 penalty to all NPCs of playable races.  Note that it does this by modifying the Race records for all of the playable races.  If you are using any other mod that also modifies the Race records then you will need a patch.  I used the USSEP version of the Race records as the starting point, and then simply added an ability spell to each of them to reduce their carry weight.  This feature may be toggled on or off in the MCM.

Some follower mods use custom races rather than the vanilla playable races.  This feature will not have any effect on them unless you have a patch.

Hot Keys

If you want to use hot keys to get a quick status report this mod provides four of them. They trigger notification messages (top left of screen) that will tell you your current need values, and the current effects caused by hunger, cold and exhaustion. See the MCM for more details. These keys are optional, of course, and they are initially unmapped.

For Advanced Users

For each of the four basic needs there are global variables used to control the algorithms used by the need scripts to compute your need levels. This mod exposes them in the MCM for those who want to play with these variables to see what happens. Using this feature is not recommended for the average user, but I included it as a convenience for those who like to tinker so they can change them on the fly without having to exit the game, load up SSEEdit and change the global variables there.