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In game Utilities - High Heels applicator * CBP Physics GUI * Rename NPCs/Objects * Edit Weapons/Armor/Spells * Morph NPC/player bodies * Outfit copy-n-paste * Voice changer * Quick-travel teleport

Permissions and credits
There are newer mods still recieving both updates and support that accomplish the same thing just as good (or better) as these old ones.
Unless you know for certain you absolutely need something here I strongly advice you to use those instead. For anyone else consider this just a legacy page offering the mods for those who just need them to finish up an old save where they were used.

As for replacements, here are some suggestions, I haven't tested them all but it should get you started.

High heel functionality
RaceMenu High Heels 
HDTSSE Physics High Heels Franework

Weapon/armor/etc editor

Single NPC Appearance editing
Standalone EFF Cosmetic Menu

Mass NPC Appearance modification
All Shapes Body Randomizer with Physics Enhancement 
Or simply use the built in BodyGen system in RaceMenu

Single NPC general editing
The Manipulator - Found on LoversLab
SIGE - Se above

Finally - As stated on my profile, there's a blanket open permissions issued for all my mods. If you can't find a good replacement feel free to reuse the code, fix it, modify it or use it as inspiration make something entirely new on your own

Makes it possible to tweak various things directly in game that normally would require Creation Kit work. Useful if you want to make a quick change, play around with ridiculous tweaks or maybe just do some tests for mod edits.

Please note that this is primarily a collection of small prototype mini-mods I'm putting together while learning SKSE64 and SkyUI so do not use it on anything/anyone or a save you can't afford to loose
If you want to see what the man behind the curtain is up to source is included. For those using a logviewer like SnakeTail filter for "LazyTools" to find the relevant output in your papyrus log.

SkyUILib (Recommended for renamer and required for teleport)
XP32 with ECE bones (for body editing)
PapyrusUtil SE - Required for LazyCBP, CBP Physics settings tweaker

Makes it possible to tweak damage, weight, range etc of any weapon, vanilla or modded. All weapons of the same type will be affected meaning it's possible to make global changes if you think something is too powerful or too weak. It also makes it possible to use any weapon for as long as you want, just boost it as you level up to keep it viable!

Works the same as the weapon editor but also has the option to change the type of a piece of armor or clothing. Want to slay dragons in nothing but your wedding dress?  No problem, just change it to heavy armor for the perk boosts and buff the armor rating!

Tweak damage of any spell including those with more than one effect. Pyromaniac in you not feeling the burn? Set the duration of flames to 9999 and leave a wake of burning corpses behind you!

Tired of Meeko getting in your way every damn time? Why not give him that nickname you call him every time he does? Or why not give your adopted kids or spouse a last name?

Want to give yourself or a NPC an unique look but don't want to install or create a mod with custom body override for it? Use this to make sure it stands out in all the right (wrong?) places.

Found the perfect follower mod only to find it has the most obnoxious voice? The voice editor can change it to any of the default vanilla voices for a more pleasurable experience. Or if you're curious what your animal companions would say if they could talk why not give them a human voice and find out? 

Finally got a stylish pair of modded high heels only to find they plant your feet firmly underground? Use the heels editor to lift yourself up as they should. Works on NPCs too!
Using the stand alone version instead is highly recommended

The sincerest form of flattery is imitation so why not rip a NPCs outfit straight off, weapons included, if you like it? Or maybe you want to quickly make sure your entourage is wearing matching outfits? Just copy everything your character is wearing instantly to them!

Teleport yourself to any of five custom set and named locations. Great if you just finished that quest halfway down to the center of the earth, save yourself the tedious return and instantly recall straight back to the quest giver!

A majority of the changes aren't permanent so the mod will store them and re-apply on game load. This menu will disable this meaning the changes will revert. Don't worry, the registry isn't wiped so if you change your mind just enable the module and they'll be reapplied again.

Heel system  - This doesn't use any looping scripts or cloak effects to continuously check the wearer. This makes it very resource friendly but unfortunately not 100% instant. As a result the heel value may not be immediately applied on game load to the player but delayed to the next update (changing cell, sitting->standing up etc) instead.
Body Editor - Don't use this on anyone mounted. Requires XP32 skeleton with Enhanced Character Edit support. If changing weight causes a neck seam reapply the settings.
Voice Editor - Using this on NPC both vanilla and custom may break their dialogue if it uses voicetype unique lines. If it happens unregister them and they will revert to their default.
Copykit - NPCs will generally switch back to their default gear sooner or later. This is because they have a set default outfit the game will apply. It's possible to disable this by accepting the option to override this with an empty outfit. If you use mods that handle outfit management do NOT use this.
General - Deleting a registered change will in many cases require saving, exiting and loading for it to be visually reverted. This is due to the game caching a lot of data and reusing it in the same session.

Lazy Item Edit - Standalone editor version for weapon, armor and spells
Lazy Renamer - Standalone NPC and object renamer