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This is a dummy ESM (ESL and ESM flagged) that does nothing more than provide the file dependency for mods that require "hdtHighHeels.esm" as a master. Use with Racemenu High Heels or your HDT heels will sink into the ground.

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Up until now, if you wanted to use Racemenu High Heels for SSE to take over for hdtHighHeels.esm, you would have to edit the dependent mod in xedit, removing all the references, etc.  With this mod, you don't need to do that.  No need to try and find a new DLL next time CC content is updated, etc.  Just use this mod.  It fulfills the master dependency that keeps any dependent mod from loading, but lacks any of the hdtHighHeels functionality (which will be provided by Racemenu High Heels). Technically your dependent mod will report errors if checked, but things will work just fine (as long as you get Racemenu High Heels...).  If that isn't the case, let me know in the comments and you can return the mod at no cost to you.

Lazy Heels is an alternative for non-Racemenu users.