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CBBE Bodyslide, new male and beast options, standalone satchel and adjusted textures.

Permissions and credits
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One of my favorite, if not my all time favorite, archer outfits.
Making due on a promise of sorts I made a few months ago. This took a very long time to finalize as there are 7 shapes to the robes alone that need to be conformed and weighted. 
The base shape and sliders were made from scratch by me, with great care taken to avoid texture distortions and maintain smooth lines. 

It is not craftable, but is upgradable with Dragonscale stats. The set can be found on the hill behind the fire next to the fallen tree at the entrance of Riverwood. Alternatively it can be looted from the stash on the right balcony in Dragonsreach.

What's New?
•Standalone satchel
•Male meshes
•Beast meshes
•Bodyslide for females, including beast
•First-person options for Bodyslide
•Proper heel effect for the boots, including males (those are good thick soles)
•Zaps, zaps baby
•Inventory models for everything

What's Changed?
•Uncompressed textures from the Ryder variant have been compressed using BC7 to preserve detail and save VRAM
•Textures for the overcoat were slightly brightened, and increased saturation on the green parts

1. Download Manually or with the mod manager program of you choice.
2a. Install via your mod manager following fomod prompts (recommended)
2b. Extract the archive to your ".../steamapps/common/skyrimspecialedition" directory

1. Uninstall via your mod manager or delete the files in the archive from your Skyrim Special Edition install location.

Extended Credits (also see Permissions and Credits tab)
Tathrin and Chasemm18: male and beast meshes

Mods Used in Screenshots
Screenshots were provided by Layfey and ThatFanSon, who blew my mind with their incredible shots.

Q: SMP Physics?
A: If someone wants to add them I will upload them here. Please send them to me.

Q: Other bodies?
A: No, sorry.

Q: Why is the file size so huge?
A: Beasts have separate bodyslide files which take up more space. I tried playing with symlinks which worked, but are incompatible with Nexus supported archive formats.