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NPR's Fiona Armor with CBBE Bodyslide, a new skirt length, recolors, accessories and heel height.

Permissions and credits
New colors, new options, streamlined crafting, and much more!

What's New?
•New long skirt option
•5 new recolors for each skirt option for a total of 7
•New ribbon "belt" accessory with 6 recolors
•New boot recolor for a total of 3
•Standalone necklace
•Proper heel effect for the boots
•Zappable sleeves for adjustable length
•First-person arm options for Bodyslide
•Clutter free crafting system

Stats have not been changed from the original mod. However, I've completely redone the crafting system. This is to prevent menu bloat because of all the options. Everything is craftable at a Tanning Rack (necklace at Forge), however for the options to be present you'll need to have "Tailoring to a Princess" in your inventory. This is a book that is sold by vendors. Alternatively, you can find it inside the cheat barrel from the original mod, one of the ponds in front of Dragonsreach.

The "belt" is completely new to the mod and came about trying to mimic the look from Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs, which is also where the white/pink recolor was inspired from. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any matching shoe resources that were freely available so you'll need to procure your own for a complete ensemble.

1. Download Manually or with the mod manager program of you choice.
2a. Install via your mod manager following fomod prompts (recommended)
2b. Extract the archive to your ".../steamapps/common/skyrimspecialedition" directory

1. Uninstall via your mod manager or delete the files in the archive from your Skyrim Special Edition install location.

Mods Used in Screenshots
Screenshots were provided by Banderger, Layfey and ThatFanSon, the visual heroes of this page.

Q: Can you make x recolor?
A: I've included psd resources so you can make your own.

Q: Other bodies?
A: No, sorry.

Q: Physics/3BBB?
A: I don't have body physics installed anymore. The physics option is included "as is" and I will not provide support for it. If you want to make improvements or provide 3BBB, I'll be more than happy to incorporate that into this mod and credit you.