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Part 6 to my series of Dynamic Animation Mods
First to include Male/Unisex and Female Animations in one package!

Permissions and credits

This Mod Includes 6 New Dynamic Torch Idle Animations. LE Version
Totaling 3 Male/Unisex Idle Variants and 3 Female Idle Variants.
Idles Play When Wielding Torches Depending on Outfit Types or
Can be Randomized Depending on Mod Versions You Download
I highly Recommend the mod Haze Lights for better Torches!

OAR and DAR Versions Available!

Integrated support for my
Sonders Keyword Distribution Resources
"Above provides some customization via Keywords OAR only"
How to make anims player only
Tutorial steps same as my feminine idles

Step one
open the mod in oar

Step Two
Select User Mode

Step Three
Enable the greyed out PlayerKeyword condition

- Additional -

OAR version
Open Animation Replacer 

DAR Version
Dynamic Animation Replacer

Sonders Keyword Distribution Resources - for player and Elder Keywords

Q: Not all requirements are required right?
A: If the anims don't look good in your game
then you should probably just download the requirements
Q: More Male anims when???
A: Please refrain from asking this
Q: What are those outfits your characters are wearing?
A: Here are some screenshots of my inventory for several outfits :)
I wish I could help more but I have over a 1000 mods in my modlist
and would rather not cipher through them all
Previous Outfits

Q: What folder does what in dis mod >.>
A: Look in OAR Menu

Thanks to Kars for the original Blender Rig used in these animations creation

Permission to edit/release/update/distribute these files in part noncommercially only on nexusmods
as long as you credit me as the original creator! This is not a greenlight to reupload my work in part or whole
as separate animation packs; however, most things are fine, as long as they still require my original mod.
Please consult me if you are interested in porting to Skyrim LE or Console

If you are interested in including these animations in your own mod packs
Misc files Animation Resources OAR can be added as a requirement to your pack
This allows for a nondestructive method of adding new configs to my animations

Left4shrek - Barmeyblonde - Thelii
Smooth - John Robb - andre2234 clayton
frez - Lanhash - Andres Castro - jackyyc0093
Razvan Manea - Power2All - Xephiratone
Tj Kenmate - IronLegend747 - syhina
Ryuuji Gremory - Wings-ten74

And Bards College Graduate for the wonderful Halloween Theme inspiration!
Check out this video of hers if you are looking to try some of the mods
used in my showcase video and photos from this mod!