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Standalone, HPH replacer. He's sketchy, he's sneaky, and he made me do eight NPCs for the price of one... it was so unnecessary.

Permissions and credits

⋆ No Requirements ⋆
⋆ Uses your Bodies, Skin (except for Sanguine), and Outfits ⋆
⋆ High Poly Head ⋆
⋆ Flagged ESL ⋆
Slightly Improved Misty Grove ⋆
⋆ Naked and Clothed version ⋆
⋆ Fits seamlessly into most Any Game! ⋆
⋆ Adds 6 largely unnecessary New male and female NPCs! ⋆
⋆ Download via Mod Manager > LOOT Sort > Profit ⋆

Future Plans

⋆ Probably not too much but do let me know if you have any ideas for improvement. 
⋆ AiO patch with my other Daedric replacers.


Check out these awesome folks who, without their assets, this project would not be where it is now.

KouLeifoh and High Poly Head.
expired6978 and RaceMenu.
Niroku and Expressive FaceGen Morphs SE.
Spongeman131 and ECE Sliders Addon for RaceMenu.
Hornophobic and LOVERBOY.
Kaililies & lemonbalmtea and HG Hairdos & Holiday Gift Hairdos.
CoralineKoralina and Even More Brows - HPH - COtR.
LogRaam & wammy and The Eyes of Beauty - Ai Remastered.
Artsick and Starsight Eyes.
DomainWolf and Skin Feature Overlays.
PraedythXVI and Wearable Horns - SE.
MoonMods, Tamira, & 3dregenerator and Antique Statue HD.


Q: I have a question.
A: Read the description thoroughly before posting a comment. I am happy to help you with anything not mentioned here.

Q: Can I add this to an existing game?
A: Yes.

Q: The quest is bugged/is it compatible with ___?
A: I do not edit the vanilla quest at all. If you add any mods that edit Sanguine or his quests and there is a conflict, let me know.

Q: Will you make a patch for ___ ?
A: Yes, upon reasonable request.

Q: Why are the textures/meshes wrong/the wrong color?
A: Check your load order for files being overwritten. Both the plugin and the loose asset folders must load after any mod that edits their NPC record if you do not want to get the dark face bug. If this does not solve the issue, please let me know. Include a screenshot with the issue where possible.

Q: Will you make any of your character overhauls available as presets?
A: No. A lot of them have had their textures significantly altered to give them their unique appearances. I have also lost a lot of my old presets when I was forced to reinstall my computer's OS. You are free to use the assets in this mod for personal use.

Q: What skins are you using in the pictures?
A: BnP for the females and LOVERBOY for the males.

Q: Why is everyone naked?
A: There is a patch included to clothe all of the NPCs but they are naked by default only when in Misty Grove. There are 6 new NPCs to populate Misty Grove though you will only see them briefly. I was annoyed that the vanilla NPCs there are all just one NPC duplicated eight times. There are now 4 new male NPCs and 2 female. You can interact with them, but they will not have much to say.

Q: Why are my outfits different than yours?
A: I added new vanilla outfits to each of the NPCs. You will see different outfits depending on what mods you have installed that edit those vanilla outfits. For example, the robes are from Armor and Clothing Expansion and the bandit armor from Fashions of the Banditry.

Q: Can this be ported to be used on other games?
A: Ask me first. Anyone who has created ports of my mods before this point have, so far to my knowledge, done so with respect to the owners of the original assets. To avoid confusion and improper use of assets, please ask before porting.

Q: What ENB are you using?
A: Pi-Cho for Obsidian Weathers.