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=== The Curators Companion FAQ ===
I just installed this and now my save is corrupted, my game is crashing/hanging, or I'm seeing blank dialog boxes!
Install Engine Fixes. See the installation instructions for more details.

Why is my Papyrus log showing errors for The Curators Companion?
The scripts have a lot of work to do when adding and removing items to the player, custom storage and Museum Containers, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use "Take All" on a container with lots of displayable items, using the console to add items in or out of your inventory or using any form of mod feature like Better Container Controls "Take Most" / "Store Most", if items are added / removed too quickly you WILL cause the mod to have errors. This also applies to Legacy's Craftloot system, which is not recommended to be used alongside The Curator's Companion. This ALSO applies to any mods that take and remove mass items from your inventory via script. So anything that is like craftloot (but in another mod) or auto storage (like Ethereal tools), with a certain number of items WILL break TCC. None of these are recommended to be used, and load orders with them will not be supported.

Why is it taking so long to setup?
On a fresh, new game this mod sets up fully and is ready to use in less than 2 minutes, if you install this mod mid-game it has a lot of work to do and a lot of information to process, the more items you have on display in the Museum, the longer it will take... this could be anywhere up to 10 minutes if you have a full museum with over 1500 displays, please just be patient and wait somewhere for the completion message or you run the risk of breaking the mod.

Is this safe to update mid-save?

I'm having some issues with the startup (MCM Menus not showing, Prisoner Cart going nuts, etc)
If you are using the vanilla start, it is very easy to have issues with your mods and with the scene itself. Any mod that does some degree of startup can cause Ulfric's Wild Ride to occur and break your opening sequence, as well as break the mods that are trying to set up. It is strongly recommended that you install Alternate Start - Live Another Life even if you intend to use the Vanilla Start, regardless of what is in your load order. When you start your new game in the jail cell, wait until all your mods have set up (about a minute after you stop seeing notifications), then speak to the Mara Statue to choose your start.

Why are some items incorrectly marked?
Levelled items may show an incorrect icon as you level up and the higher tier variants make their way into the world. The game treats the new version as a completely new weapon but this should only affect levelled items that are set to re-spawn such as the Lunar Weapons. Most levelled items are unique and can only be obtained once. If you notice an incorrect icon, I recommend removing the lower level variant from display and displaying the new, higher levelled variant.

Hovering over items on the actual displays within the Museum will most likely display an incorrect icon due to how the Legacy displays work, this is only while in the Museum! Items in the world and in menus will still show the correct icon!

If the above does not fix your issue and you still have incorrect icons on some items, open the MCM and navigate to the "moreHUD & Scan" page, you will find an option to Rebuild the moreHUD lists, this can take a few minutes but will check every displayable item in the game and correct any incorrect icons automatically.

Can I merge the patches included in this mod?
All patches are ESL flagged ESPs so they do not take up a load order slot. Merging patches is not recommended or supported, it will absolutely break the mod if you don't know what you're doing. 

Why aren't any icons showing?
Please make sure you are using the latest version of The Curators Companion, its patches and the following mods:
Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE
Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)
moreHUD - For displaying icons on the main HUD (Hover Over).
moreHUD Inventory Edition - For displaying icons in the menus.
Papyrus Util SE - For saving / loading config files.
Dear Diary (Optional)

Can I install this mid-game?

Can I uninstall this mod mid-game?
No, don't do that in general.

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