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This mod changes default 3D Skyrim map to a flat topographic one.

Permissions and credits
Version 1.11
Added: Full version with markers from a full version of topographic map.
Fixed: Imagespace for map weather mode to make map less bright.
Version 1.2
Added: Full version got proper borders and legends, zoom increased.
Version 1.21
Fixed: Another tweak to world map weather.

Topographic World Map of Skyrim

Many of you know beautiful work of Tim Cook who created accurate topographical map of Skyrim. Map itself is available as a vector or bitmap image. This little mod just implements it in Skyrim World Map mode with a use of flat map design from A Quality World Map by Chesko and IcePenguin.

Map is fully flat with strictly vertical look and covers not only Skyrim but a part of neighboring provinces. Zoom is available yet lower values are restricted due to limitations of how flat map works on naturally 3D mode of skyrim map. There are two versions available:

  • Naked - with no handmade markers for those who prefer less spoilers,
  • Full - with all handmade markers and names of geographical locations.

Solstheim map is not going to be included - topographic map for an island just doesn't exist, unfortunately.

Hope you will find it useful and way more readable than vanilla map. And I'm sure it will bring special memories to anyone who served in army.


The archive is mod manager compatible. To manually install unpack the download archive into your Skyrim/Data folder.

To manually uninstall delete all files as found in the download archive from your Skyrim/Data folder.

Mod contains 2 esp, main map file and a fix for weather in Wolrd Map mode to make lighting best suited for reading the map. If mod manager used, place them as low as possible in load order. A Quality World Map - Paper (IcePenguinWorldMapPaper.esp) should be put before both esp from this mod in load order.

Flat Map Markers by underthesky is recommended for installation but not mandatory (without it you will experience glitchy Current Location marker as well as possible map markers shifts while zooming).

If you using Requiem, place Requiem for Indifferent.esp lower and run Reqtificator.  

Obviously not compatible with any other map mods. Any mod that modifies world map weather should be put higher in load order.

Recommended Mods
Atlas Map Markers and Atlas Map Markers - Updated with MCM works fine and smaller markers make map more readable but be sure to put Atlas esp before Topographic Map in load order.

Known Issues
Minor artifacts during foggy or stormy weathers.

This mod brings together hard work of Tim Cook, creator of amazing topographical map of Skyrim (400h of hard work) and combined efforts of IcePenguin and Chesko to create and polish A Quality World Map. Another credit to underthesky for his skse plugin that flattens map markers.

Special thanks to dragonknightvita and hazarduss for testing and suggestions.