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hd HumanHuman vampires teeth texture

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TEXTURE replacer teeth for vanilla mouth
for humanoidvampires (no beast races)
(if you want female vampire fangs:download this Female Vampires have fangs )

comes in 2 versions (default,and brighter),in 2 resolution:
-512x512 for better performances

This mod is compatible with 83Willow's whiter teeth,though you will have to replace the human texture.
In order to have this mod and willow's active you'll have to install willow's mod,and after that,install mine,and overwrite when asked.

from Willow:

My mod is compatible and includes retextures for all beast races and werewolves > but for the humanoid teeth I recommend that you use zzjay's lovely new textures here > so it is best to install my mod first and then let Smile in HD overwrite the textures for humans! :)

In NMM say yes to overwrite


thanks Preykousis

Mods Used:

Most important:the enb...if yu use another will be different.
Unbleak enb 05
Skin Diffusemap
Specularmaps (xenius)
Normalmap-update for bretons
XCE lips

How to Smile:


If you want to get NPCs to open their mouth for screenshots you just have to talk to them and then freeze the scene in the right moment (using the tfc 1 console command).

And for your player character there is a console command that lets him/her talk - go in 3rd person view, open the console, click with your mouse on your character (now you should see some numbers in the console) - then type say 142b0, close the console > your character will now say a short sentence - just freeze everything (tfc 1) when your character has the right facial expression and take screenshots! (say 142b1; say 142b2; say 142b3; say 142b4 and say 142b5 work as well and will give you slightly different sentences and facial expressions)



Realistic teeth

teeth plus

these mods wil conflict or completely replace files from my mod.choose ONLY ONE!!!

83Willow for:
83Willow's whiter teeth

Urshi forHD normalmap